"Jumpstart Your
Energy Healing Skills" Foundations Class

A 4-Day In-person class in San Francisco, California
(schedule a consult for details)
Taught by Bear McKay - Founder/Director of
The McKay Method® School of Energy Healing
and author of the international bestseller
"Your Energy Signature"
After "Jumpstart Foundations", you'll be able to do a complete head-to-foot healing for your clients, family and friends!

Just a few of the things you’ll be learning to do…

  • ground and align for meditation and healing
  • regulate and sense energy through your hands
  • determine energy blockage and enhance flow
  • work with the physical body, the auric field and the soul level
  • understand and modulate boundary dynamics
  • use the Energy First Aid Kit™ to treat inflammation, burns and cuts, headaches, colds and flu
  • generate specific frequencies of energy for healing
  • sense into major organs and perform an energy liver cleanse
  • open and balance the chakra system - for yourself and others
  • practice Chakra Energetics™ and Chakra Communication™
  • reliably access guidance, intuitive and energetic information

    ...and even more than you can imagine is possible!

Are you taking piecemeal or one-off classes that don’t serve or stick with you - or just aren’t enough?

I’ve had students that have taken a weekend class or seminar to add a new technique to their “toolbox”, but it doesn’t really make a difference in the overall impact of their sessions.

My training is comprehensive; you will add value to your existing wellness practice or start your journey to become a professional energy healer. You will not only be successful and in-demand for the scope and significance of your work, you’ll be fascinated by this new way of working.

"What sets The McKay Method® apart is the emphasis on the development of intuition and sensing abilities. These bring unique gifts and skills to the healing table."

CJ McDaneil

Are you sensing energy but don't know what it means, or what to do next?

I help my students learn how to sense and work with energy in very specific ways. If you can’t sense the energy movement and patterns in the body, how do you know what technique to do? And once you do it, what is the response in the physiology? Only when you can access that energetic information will you know what is appropriate to do next. This ability to sense energy translates into profound effects on the physical, energetic and spiritual aspects of your clients.

"I've been an acupuncturist since 1999. Before Bear's training I was a very good healer, now I am an exceptional one. This program will change you deeply and allow your healing abilities to take off. Thank you so much Bear!"

Scott Blunk

Are you wondering if you are “intuitive” enough to learn this?

No worries, you don’t have to be “gifted” to do this work. If you feel you are lacking the skills, confidence, or know-how to do energy healing, this training will get you started; if you already have a practice, the scope of your work will expand exponentially.

Afraid you won’t be able to learn this? I have been able to help every one of my students sense energy and develop their healing skills. No matter where you are currently at you will be on your way to developing this natural capability.

"The process Bear has pioneered is grounded, comprehensive and practical. I've had immediate results, both personally and with my clients!"

Kathleen Joy
Corporate Trainer

Are you sitting by yourself, trying to do exercises from a book with no one to follow or adjust you as you are learning?

This is a “high touch” program that will have you embodying the work quickly and with ease. Even on the calls, I can “see” from a distance what’s going on energetically and give you advice.

Along with my personal support, you’ll have peers to consult with that share the same specialized language; and in the live class, you will experience the power of the group energy field and get hands-on feedback!

Extra bonuses include - 


1) The "Jumpstart Your Energy Healing Skills" Online Course
A three-module online course includes that includes video talks, demonstrations of exercises, and written descriptions of everything. It’s not necessary to do or review this material before class. It can give you a preview before class, get you started early, or be a reference after class.
We do everything from the online course in the live class!

2) The Jumpstart Foundations Workbook
You’ll get a printed workbook in class to follow along, fill in, and use for review.

3) Six Group Coaching Calls - Every other week talk with me!
Ask questions, share experiences and get specific, practical healing advice. It’s great to hear what others are discovering as they practice the energy healing techniques taught in class.

4) A Private FB Forum - I will personally respond to all your comments and questions!

5) “Your Energy Signature” - We’ll explore the fascinating world of Energy Signatures and how they impact all areas of our lives. Receive the e-book immediately, and the print book in class.

Interested? Schedule a consult now to find out more.

A Note from Bear:

Being able to sense energy and work in very specific ways makes a much bigger impact than channeling general energy or having a single technique. It’s a dramatic shift that will transform your understanding and practice of energy healing.

I love sharing this work, and wonder at the way each one of you will bring your unique expression of healing into the world. I would be honored to support you in becoming an amazing energy healer!

100% Happiness Guarantee

We offer courses that create results. If for any reason you are not thrilled with the content of the Jumpstart Online course, send an email to [email protected] to receive a refund.

Bear McKay
Founder and Director, The McKay Method®

I have been practicing and teaching about energy healing – and Energy Signatures – for over fifteen years. As the Founder and Director of The McKay Method® School of Energy Healing, I've trained both healing professionals and beginners alike. Using energy healing techniques, they have created practices that stand out for the depth and breadth of their work.