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The Nature of Eternity

Apr 14, 2022

The natural world is eternal, and within that there are cycles, and within that – well, have you heard the phrase “the only constant is change”? We are also eternal, and yet constantly changing (and one hopes, evolving.) How can we feel so different over time, and yet essentially the same? It’s your soul body that moves through many lifetimes, but we can consciously track our growth and distinct phases in this lifetime.

The cycles of the natural world are reassuring in their regularity. There are also predictable changes in our bodies (and social roles) throughout life. Birth and death are the big events, but in between we have other “small” deaths and new beginnings. A time for something or someone has passed, and a new phase slowly forms. This process has three distinct phases; separation, transition and integration. The transition phase is a challenge to growth – a time of testing, learning, and breaking out of our ordinary routines.

I call those times a “change or die” crisis; change up your patterns and grow, or stagnate, taking those ever-deepening patterns to the grave. It helps to practice with the little deaths along the way so the big ones don’t throw us so off balance. Granted, there is suffering and difficulty, but also - a promise of renewal.

There are individual “dark night of the soul” transitional times, and  some which are experienced by a family, a larger group, or even the whole world. Plagues, war and famine all qualify for that last category. So do natural disasters such as earthquakes, epic floods, drought, volcanoes, wildfires, hurricanes, and tornados.

We are in one of those (and then some).

The most significant one we are in transition with – and moving towards integration - is the Covid pandemic. We have grown in our knowledge, remedies and good practices for coronaviruses, and are learning to live in a new environment. In the “separation” phase, our way of life abruptly came to a standstill. We were in shock; we mourned the loss of what once was. We were in stasis at first, but so much has changed in just a few years. The transition phase is a challenge to growth – a time of testing, learning, and breaking out of our ordinary routines.

We stumbled through and found accommodations to work, health, school, social groupings and interactions (remember pods?) We noticed all the things that weren’t working for us as individuals and a society. The 9-5 at an office, and the separation of work and personal life. The out-of-control busy-ness and movement, zooming around on breathless schedules. Some of the solutions we tested didn’t work well; some old structures are still being re-evaluated. By now we realize there’s no getting back to the way things were, evidenced by the phrase “the new normal.”

Changes big and small added up. We slowed down enough to come to a new appreciation for the natural world in all its glorious beauty and complexity. Out of doors was our solace, our respite. We relished the subtle changes in the natural world because we were in one place long enough to NOTICE. Bird watching was rediscovered - it’s all happening, in your own backyard!

Birth, death and rebirth are universal to all of nature. Right now we celebrate, across many cultures and religions, the arrival of spring. All the seasons have their pleasures and character; spring brings forth hope for new beginnings, a freshness, a revival of the spirit. We rejoice in the earth’s awakening, and another chance to begin again.

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