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The Nature of Boundaries

Mar 30, 2023

Boundaries are inherent in all forms. To be formed you have a shape, a size, and are differentiated from what is outside that boundary. Form is the nature of physical existence, but energy also has form. What we consider our physical body is simply our densest energy body!

Boundaries are necessary to life. Life forms have functions; from the DNA in cells to organs and physiological systems, we are a myriad of forms constantly interacting. Humans transform bread - food - into complex consciousness!

Everything connects to create larger, more complicated forms and even bigger energy fields. When we touch a dimension within that is not physical in nature, we have an experience that is closer to a unified field of oneness. This may be why, as we get a taste of the more subtle forms of nature and consciousness, we long for more.

There is a very familiar, very human dynamic; once we get or achieve something, we’re satisfied for a bit and then want more. Physical accumulation and gathering accomplishments can be yours, but they can’t BE YOU. If we look for infinite and endless expansion on the material plane we are never happy, and wreak havoc on our world along the way. I’ve always wondered in terms of companies, people and profit, how much is enough? The answer in the physical world is it can never be enough.

Personal boundaries are discussed as a matter of health, and are essential in a physical context. Energetic boundaries of personal space and emotional integrity are also important. In the world of spirit, boundaries are thinner, constantly shifting and re-forming - so that an identity of “self” as a separate form becomes meaningless.

Let the striving end with comfortable, physical survival and a positive emotional environment. Using our thirst for the ecstatic experiences of unity to create a deeper familiarity with spirit, we contribute to our world instead of degrading it. It's’ the intermingling and getting lost in the one that truly satisfies. And yet…

We must attend to the mundane, physical world of harder boundaries. At the same time there is a potential to engage with all these worlds, in every moment. Our level of evolution means we are constantly alternating our attention, energy and focus among these aspects of awareness. We need to function in all contexts to be fully realized. How can we do that? Developing a spiritual practice that underlies it all, and is immediately accessible at any time, creates a baseline. Everything arises, and is informed, by that.

Our path is rooted in the muck while constantly blooming anew in enlightenment.

Peace, love and healing -


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