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The Circle of Life

Jun 01, 2023

There is breath, movement, and also - sound. Every in-breath gives our organs a gentle massage; the out-breath  carries sound. Sound is vibration, which is movement!

In-breath, movement, out-breath, sound, creating more movement - it’s the circle of life, playing out in every living thing. It’s also energy moving - waves of expansion and contraction that guide the fluid movement of our breath, voice and heartbeat.

As we release our breath it can stimulate our vocal chords, which produces sound. We make sounds unconsciously; sighs, grunts, growls and cries are spontaneous sounds we might even call noises. The more powerful frequencies we create through intentional vocalization affect our whole being. When we make a sound our body becomes like a string instrument; the vocal cords create a vibration that resonates inside the chamber of our body. That vibration expands out into our energy field and directly affects those around us.

Different religious manuscripts speak of the universe being created by a sound. The rate of our overall vibration can change, alter and define how we interact with reality. All religions have some form of vocalizing - speaking, singing and chanting. Our soundings combine into a group energy field that is powerful.

Since ancient times bells, bowls and other objects made from highly resonant materials have been used to stimulate our cells with a range of frequncies. Music is the ultimate expression of humanity which affects our bodies, emotions and spirit.

Toning can be used in specific ways to enhance health and well-being. An organic movement process called Continuum works like this: creating a specific tone, you follow that vibration as it literally moves your body. With no interference from the mind trying to direct the activity, the body moves in unexpected ways. We can use breath and tone to expand our conscious awareness of many hidden parts of our physiology, bringing energy and life into areas that are dormant.

All three - breath, movement and sound - combine to keep us healthy, present and engaged if we just take a moment to check in with awareness. It's a recipe to carry some peace into our very active lives and enjoy a more relaxed, healthy and fruitful summer.

Peace, love and healing -


In my 'Breath and Movement' blog, I recommended Robert Litman's book 'The Breathable Body'. He was a long time collaborator with Emilie Conrad, the originator of Continuum Movement. Her method of toning, and then moving the body organically in response to the vibration, is groundbreaking. I studied with Emilie over 10 years, until her death in 2014; I now teach Continuum in all my Advanced classes.

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