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Somewhere, Over the Rainbow

Sep 03, 2021

It’s been over a year since I wrote my “Corona Care'' series (back when we were calling it Corona) and since then our lives have been transformed. We are experiencing ongoing changes in how we live, eat, work, recreate and socialize - and a kind of whiplash versus linear progress in those changes. Influences both internal and external continue to evolve rapidly. Finding the stillness to contemplate, and remain open to what’s possible, can be challenging.

Accelerated shift is happening - big picture all the way down to small personal details. I recently read that 50% of Americans are changing jobs! Those who have at least one stable reference point can navigate through it: for others, it can feel like being caught in an undertow. No one is immune to some form of a new reality… be it a dimensional shift, institutional breakdowns and restructuring, or a radical re-working of everyday experience. Take a walk into the unknown - and try to get comfortable there.

Mercy Center Labyrinth

This great upheaval may have you questioning values you’ve taken for granted, but don’t really “exercise” in your daily life. Slowing down, being more present (it’s all there is!) and craving deeper connections in all aspects of life seems more urgent than in the “before times.”  Energy healing, and its impact on my life and those I engage with, has been a godsend and will always be my north star. The way it impacts my spiritual, energetic and physical experience is beyond words.

Are you ready to devote some time and energy to develop yourself - in alignment with your values and interests? Doing energy work benefits the person practicing it as much as those they touch. It supports personal growth in a way that is beneficial and practical. If you want to embody that kind of difference in your life, I invite you to join me in an energetic exploration that will change your world!  

Mercy Center


For the first time in a year, I’m offering the LIVE 4-day Jumpstart Foundation Class. I’m so excited to be back teaching at the Mercy Center in San Francisco in October! It’s a hands-on experience that will shift your perspective on what’s “real” and what’s possible. Get started with Jumpstart Online for a taste test to see if it’s right for you (or just jump in with the live class; the online course is included.) And remember, all timing IS divine…

All my best,

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