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Sacred Lands

Jan 11, 2024

People take my healing classes for many reasons. It can be the first step toward a healing career, or add value to a current healing practice. Half of my students come for personal growth. They also learn ways to help themselves, family and friends with health issues.

I also become a go-to resource when something has gone wrong. That’s how I ended up on this job! One of my students was a real estate agent in Aspen, Colorado. A property wasn't selling, and no one could figure out why.

The setting was an exclusive area that had just opened up for development a few years earlier. These were multi-million dollar houses, and this one had been on the market for 4 years. The few other houses near it hadn’t sold either. You can imagine the builder was anxious! I was enlisted to find out what the problem was, and remedy it if possible.

Since it was a new house, it didn’t have residual energies from past residents. For the same reason, there’s usually no  ghosts to linger or feel possessive. (I always check anyhow, just to make sure.) After that I look to the land under and/or around the structure to see what’s going on.

The area that was being developed was stunningly beautiful, and had very compelling energy. The Native Americans of that region historically would go there for sacred ceremony and ritual. They never permanently stayed, and for good reason. When a place has a lot of energetic movement we can feel the intensity (think Sedona.) These are not static energy forms, but powerful forces for activation.

You don’t want to actually live in an unstable environment. The energies were strong and ranged over a wide area. How could I make the house into a more grounded environment? I needed to somehow isolate it from the energies of the land it sat on. Doing healing work involves being completely open and surrendered - the “I don’t know” stance. What to do usually arises! So after receiving some guidance, I went to work. I built a golden grid beneath the basement of the house with many layers of form. Starting with a frame, then adding additional grids to strengthen, and then finally creating a dense fabric-like seal.

The house sold immediately! I was called soon after to work on an adjacent property; it hadn’t been on the market for as long, but was finished and waiting for a buyer. Again there were no residual energies or ghosts, but - the builder had grown very attached to it! Not being able to keep it for himself, he had unknowingly put an “energetic hold” on it. I had my student set up hidden altars in plain sight (with plenty of crystal action) in the house. Since I was only communicating with the agent, I wasn’t able to work with the builder directly. I tried energetically to no avail - he wouldn't let go. Both builders were very materialistic in their mindset. My student never discussed the true dynamics of the situation, or what we were up to!

Peace, love and healing -


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