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Ride the Dragon!

Feb 08, 2024

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I always officially start my year with the Chinese calendar… it takes my ADHD brain that long to get in gear. This year is especially auspicious. In other astrological zodiacs there is never ONE best sign to be, except in the Chinese system - the Dragon IS the best! It’s also the only mythological creature of their zodiac. When the strength of the Dragon combines with the Wood element, it brings vision, growth and evolution. So let’s ride the winds of change on the green Wood Dragon of 2024!

I believe that all “magical” creatures have some basis in reality. They may reside in another realm or dimension, or possibly existed here at one time but are no more. Otherwise why would they have such a lively existence in people's minds for hundreds of years? The persistent idea of a dragon-like creature is found in regions and cultures around the globe - in Europe, Slavic countries, India, Asia, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East! Reptilian in nature, dragons are depicted as a lizard or snake, with varying numbers of heads, legs and wings. They are powerful, supernatural beings that still inhabit our modern imaginations - dragon lore is alive today through books, screens and symbols.

Mystical dragons are noble creatures that are seen as helpful, powerful and wise. The Wood Dragon has Yang energy; the vitality of the Creative brings enthusiasm, confidence, courage and good fortune this year. It supports new beginnings and opportunities for success.

People born in the year of the Wood Dragon dream of changing the world and excel at coming up with innovative ideas and implementing them. Wood Dragons born in 1952 were coming of age in the late 60’s, ushering in the promise of the Age of Aquarius - which has now officially started. Another generation of Wood Dragons are now in their mid-20’s. We certainly need all their energy and drive to make a stratospheric shift here on planet Earth now!

Big change is disruptive and never an easy ride, but let’s keep our eye - and intention - on the vision. I know all of you reading this are living in alignment with your truth. We are being called to the next level of that, bringing in a higher frequency on Earth. Dissonance is always in play before we find a new equilibrium, but it actually signals impending growth. If you are feeling cynical or depressed, remember the “news” is skewed toward the problematic. Don’t let external events overrule your internal life. I have high hopes for this year on every front (yes, politically too). Wars can be resolved, peace restored and healing begun!

Be part of the evolutionary shift!

Peace, love and healing -


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