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Mountain stream with cascade of small waterfalls and old log cabin in the forest at spring sunny morning

Respecting Nature’s Shadow Side

Jan 18, 2024

Land energy is a complex category. It’s influenced by deep geological forces, the composition of the earth’s mantle and crust, gravity, the atmosphere - even the cosmos beyond!

While complicated, on assignment I’m usually concerned with what’s just above and below the surface that creates corresponding energy flows and fields. Water and energy are similar in quality and form, both in our bodies and the earth’s body. This is why water, whether surface or underground, relates to the land energy.

A big timber home in Montana was situated near the base of a mountain. It was a vacation rental when the owners weren’t enjoying it. The house and most of the land was up a small hill. The rest of the property was just across the road, where there was a small cabin with a creek running alongside it.

They wanted to fix the cabin up for guests, but a man had murdered his wife there (sometime before they bought the property.) Their question for me was, would that be OK  to do considering what happened there?

When I sensed in, the images and scenes I saw were brutal. The violence that had occurred had been ongoing for a long time based on my “observation”. No spirits lingered there, but the cabin had a sinister feeling to it. The owners also related that a man with 5 acres - close by, and on the creekside of the street - had gone berserk. He had taken a small bulldozer and madly started ripping the area up - pulling down trees, smashing rocks around and filling in the creek. Alarmed, neighbors called the police and he was taken away.

At that point I looked at what was happening with the land. Creeks and other bodies of water are unstable in nature; it can attract unstable people, or create instability where there was none previously. It was a small creek and didn’t seem to be the source of the problem.

Part of the Rocky Mountain range, the area was on the eastern side of some large mountains. The view was magnificent, but as I gazed at it I noticed a large current running down the side into these foothills. It looked like a black river of energy that eventually ended up running right through the creek channel.

It’s interesting that the other side of that mountain range gives way to what was called “the valley of flowers” by natives, and where tribes gathered in truce. That side continues to be felt as a positive, life enhancing energy that attracts many to the area.

As I continued to look, this wasn’t the only stream of dark energy flowing off those mountains. The force felt huge and powerful. I’m not going to mess with that, much less shift it! It was way bigger than me. These strong forces are to be respected, not controlled. (As those energies roll out eastward, the next mountains over are called “the Crazies”).

I advised the owners that the cabin was not fit for human activity. They then asked if they could put up a teepee, and do spiritual ceremony and sweat baths there. It was a perfect location for that, and really the only appropriate use of that area! I cautioned that nobody should ever spend the night there.

They let the fire department burn down the cabin as a training exercise.

Peace, love and healing -


In my classes we work mainly with the human body - we all have one! - but apply to so much more, including land energies.

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