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Past Life Wounds, Present Time Pain

Jun 02, 2022

Generational trauma comes from our ancestral, biological karmic inheritance transmitted to us through DNA. The other stream of karma that meets to form the basis for this particular lifetime is our soul karma. The history of that karma is written not in our body, but in our soul’s journey as it evolves through lifetimes.

When we die and leave this body behind, the soul moves on - and on. What carries through into our next lives is the progress we’ve made, lessons learned, and embodied patterns from previous lifetimes. Some of these imprinted “records” no longer serve a purpose in the present lifetime.

John is an example of a past life experience that was causing physical symptoms in this life. A young man in his 20’s, his symptoms were not normal for someone his age. He was having severe chest pain and couldn’t move his head to the left, which was seriously freaking him out. He was sure that he was going to have a heart attack! The doctor he saw gave him a clean bill of health and couldn’t explain his pain or lack of mobility. (He had been reluctant to tell the doctor he was a regular pot smoker, and wondered if that could be the cause.)

Since this was one of those undiagnosed, mystery issues, I did my regular “systems check.” This includes looking at the major organs and physiological systems – nervous, endocrine (immune and reproductive are part of that), muscular and skeletal, digestive, and urinary. I didn’t notice anything unusual. I went into the heart, neck, and shoulder area to explore more deeply, and immediately saw a very nasty weapon of war lodged there. It was a metal ball with long spikes. I didn’t get any other information about the situation, but he definitely had been engaged in battle!

I removed it rather easily, although it usually takes several rounds. The energy and form of the weapon became lighter and less dense each time. When finishing healing a past life injury, I always return to the present-day body to do clean-up and repair work.

John sat up and moved his head easily from side to side. He declared the constant heart pain was now gone. With that, he jumped off the massage table, said “thank you“, and handed me cash on his way out the door!

The moment of death makes a strong impression on us, and frequently that is what comes up to heal in a past life. After accessing several past lives where you are injured or die – and that can be gruesome – you may wonder “why me?” Not many of us were Kings or Queens or lived a charmed life, and we all faced death. If you consider the scope of human history, it’s no wonder we have experienced pain, heartbreak, violence and war in our past lives. Some injuries from past life are purely physical; some also create psychological and emotional patterns or beliefs that need addressing.

We all love those immediate, one-session healings - but why did this happen now, when it hadn’t affected him before? Maybe a situation or emotion in his current life stirred that pattern up (his Energy Signature IS Warrior-Priest). That would be something to explore with him next time.

Someone may not believe in past lives, reincarnation, or even the value of energy healing – it doesn’t matter, it will still work. So when a past life does come up in a session, I may speak about it as an image, a metaphor to sit with, or maybe not even mention it at all! I want any information I share to be helpful and productive for my client, regardless of what I sensed going on. We usually have no awareness of how these old energetic patterns are impacting our lives.

Peace, love and healing -


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