3 Steps to Jumpstart Your
Energy Healing Practice

Hosted by Bear McKay, author of the international bestseller
"Your Energy Signature"
In this masterclass we will cover:
  • Specific and Non-Specific Energy Healing
  • How to Ground and Align your Hara
  • A Technique for Sensing the Auric Field
  • The Importance of Full Spectrum Healing
  • A Ritual for Good Energy Hygiene

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For the healing practitioner, I will show you a way to begin a session in full presence, and how to energetically disengage from your client at the end. For others the techniques are useful to align and ground yourself before meditation, and in many other situations! You will also learn to clear your auric field after being in a group, or anytime you want an energetic reset.

How do you develop your intuitive sensing abilities? I’ll discuss that process, plus different types of energy healing modalities - so you know what to look for in a training program or when selecting a healer.

Get ready to learn some helpful practices that you can start using right away!

About Bear McKay

Founder and Director, The McKay Method®

Bear McKay has been practicing and teaching about energy healing – and energy types – for over fifteen years. As the Founder and Director of The McKay Method School of Energy Healing®, she has trained healing professionals and beginners to create practices that stand out for the depth and breadth of their work.

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