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How Energy Impacts Our Health and Wellbeing

Feb 18, 2015

What exactly is energy healing?
The word healing indicates that all aspects of a person are involved, with the understanding that these different aspects are connected - including our immediate physical concerns. Indeed our spiritual, emotional, psychological states have direct physical impacts. You can’t deny the physiological impacts of anger (increased heart rate, rapid breathing, an adrenaline rush), depression (a weakened immune system, loss of appetite), and stress (high blood pressure, adrenal fatigue). Likewise we can positively affect our physical health through meditation, prayer, and social connectivity. An energy healer ideally has methods of working across this spectrum to create synergistic results, each aspect addressed to support overall health.

Our physical body is our densest energy body. Unique physical characteristics, like facial features, are also evident internally – the size and shape of organs and bones, the rate of metabolism, hormonal balance, which genes get “expressed” – all are variations of the basic human form. The body is a structure, a set of complex patterns that determine the flow of energy and therefore our health.  An energy healer has techniques to effect change in the patterning and flow of energy to create more balance, which results in the best health possible for each individual.

Water is the interface between matter and energy, and water carries energy most efficiently.  We consider water, and fluids, matter – we can interact with it, name it, assign it properties – and yet it behaves as energy does. We talk of both water and energy as “flowing.” Water takes the shape of whatever container it is in, and naturally moves in spirals, waves and branches. We are mostly made up of fluids, and therefore working with energy has a big impact on our bodies. Energy healers are in an ideal position to effect change in a non-invasive way.

Matter is energy, energy is matter. We are just beginning to act as though this scientific tenet is true. Our material body is constantly undergoing this transformation - food is transformed into energy to fuel our activity, repetitive movement builds muscle density, calcifications are created and tumors are reabsorbed. An energy healer is working that edge, releasing matter into energy and increasing energy density in weaker areas to strengthen form.

How does an energy healer do this? There are two aspects involved in developing this skill; energy awareness, and techniques to work with it. Both are equally important and quite easily learned – there is no need to have a special “gift.” When acquiring a skill you learn how to do it and then practice, and the same is true for energy healing.

As an energy healer it is wonderful to be able to help other people, but I am most grateful for the ability to maintain health for myself and my family. These skills are an invaluable asset and I use them on a daily basis.

It’s important to seek the support of a professional energy healer, along with other medical providers, for serious or acute conditions.  Energy healing is an important part of the health care puzzle, and aims to address all aspects of our being – physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. I encourage you to learn some of these wonderful ways you can support good health for yourself and your loved ones.

Peace, love and healing -


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