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Finding Eternity in an Instant World

Mar 13, 2013

Do you ever feel like life is moving faster than ever? The days and events fly by; you’re getting things done but you lack a feeling of pleasure from your accomplishments. Life feels dull and predictable.

In our instant world, our attention is constantly being pulled in many directions. We rarely give ourselves the opportunity to really connect the dots of our experiences to create a sense of depth and meaning. When was the last time you were truly enraptured by something, forgetting the rest of the world for a moment? It doesn’t take a monumental event for this to happen, it just takes mindful presence - noticing those small changes in a child, in your skills, in the tree outside your window, or in your perceptions.

When it comes to healing, we also treat it like a quick task on the to-do list - there is a “fix it” mentality when in reality the healing process requires more time and awareness. We have to slow down and listen to ourselves to create space for healing in our lives. True healing is a continual process that involves an ongoing engagement in our well-being. Tuning into ourselves, we may not get immediate answers… it takes time to develop that sensibility.

So how else can we as individuals create this sense of depth in our lives? We need to slow down, be engaged, and turn the gadgets off once in a while. There is an illusion of productivity when we are constantly checking email and a million other things, but it actually robs us of what we’re doing in the present moment.

You can be in conscious charge of when you are available for a call, social networking or online interaction. Dedicate certain periods of time to be online during the day instead of a continual flow of interruptions. Turn your phone off when you are with someone for dinner. Take a vacation from all media occasionally and refresh your capacity for deeper experience. We are fast becoming addicted to the superficial stimulation of the information age and suffering from a poorer quality of experience. The reward of being present with one task long enough is to create a sense of fulfillment and pleasure.

Taking the time to breathe and be aware of your body in the present moment will also increase your focus and the quality of your life and health. Set aside five minutes to practice a breathing exercise in the morning and evening. Nothing special is required of you, just breathe and be for a while. You may find an increased awareness of your breath throughout the day, which brings you back to the moment - you can only breathe now.

This is a lifelong practice, but the truth is that the peace and bliss of eternity is here for us right now, available in every moment. 

Bear McKay

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