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Collage of Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Tom Steyer

Energy Signatures of Presidents Part Two - The Democratic Contenders

Aug 14, 2020

Last week I wrote about the typical Energy Signature of Presidents – now let’s review the Democratic primary candidates, for those who followed it. I will cover Joe Biden (and possibly his running mate!) again in Part 3 – the Final Nominees.

And in reviewing this, I notice that all the ”moderate” candidates had the same 3 types in their Signature (Royal, Warrior, Gardener). The ”progressive” candidates had Priest instead of Gardener in their signature – verrry interesting! 

(Here’s a cheat sheet on the physical characteristics, pros and cons of the energy types.)

Joe Biden: Royal-Gardener-Warrior
Bernie Sanders: Warrior-Priest-Royal
Elizabeth Warren: Royal-Priest-Warrior
Pete Buttigieg: Royal-Warrior-Gardener
Amy Klobuchar: Royal-Gardener-Warrior
Tom Steyer: Royal-Priest-Warrior
The first two are the primary types in their Energy Signature, the last is the minor third. They all have Warrior and Royal components – the Signature critical for a President! These are people ready to lead and get things done. The differences can be seen in the third type. Let’s look at some of these nuances…
Warren and Sanders both have Priest as a major type – that puts an emphasis on idealism and they both are the most progressive of the group. Bernie, like Bush and Obama, has inspired an almost religious following. You can see the differences in the other major type – Warren “I’ve got a plan for that” (Royal) and Sanders “I’m creating a movement” (Warrior).

Steyer also has the same Signature types with an emphasis on the Royal – he has accomplished a lot – and because Warrior is his third, he can lead but doesn’t HAVE to. A major Warrior type in a Signature means they MUST lead.

Buttigieg has Warrior as a major type, but his Royal pattern predominates (look at him physically, including his stance and body language). In the military he had experience leading AND following. His third Gardener element makes him a bit more personable.

Speaking of Gardener, those candidates with that type as a major are VERY relatable. Biden was well-liked and respected in the Senate, and one of the reasons he was Obama’s V.P. – to manage and massage Senate relationships. And after two failed Presidential runs, he ended up as V.P.; Gardeners are tireless workhorses… which brings me to Klobuchar.  She has initiated and helped pass an enormous amount of legislation (most often with other Senators; Gardeners play better with others than Warriors). That’s a Royal-Gardener for you! (Note: she has the same Energy Signature as Hillary Clinton.)

Yang is a Royal-Gardener-Warrior - clever and likeable, with a true ability to connect that showed up in his guaranteed income proposal and family story. 

Cory Booker is a Warrior-Gardener-Priest.  One of the few who has Gardener and Priest, he brought a big heart into the line-up. His message was empathic (you really liked him) and idealistic (a vegan!).

I thought Kamala Harris would go the distance – like most prosecutors, her major types are Warrior-Royal. It was the qualities of her minor third type, Lover, that you saw when she was interacting one-on-one with people, especially children. Julian Castro also has Lover as his third.

And aside from the Warrior type, these candidates also had in their Signature:

Priest: Beto O’Rourke, Julian Castro, Jay Inslee, Marianne Williamson, Michael Bennet, John Hickenlooper, Deval Patrick
Royal: Michael Bloomberg, Michael Bennet, John Hickenlooper, Marianne Williamson, Deval Patrick, Tulsi Gabbard
Gardener: Bill DeBlasio, Steve Bullock, John Delaney, Eric Swalwell, Kirsten Gillibrand, Tim Ryan

Curious about Energy Signatures? Get the book and learn more!

Peace, love and healing -


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