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The Energy Signatures of Presidents: Getting Political in a Non-Partisan Way

Aug 07, 2020

Although the conventions will be quite unconventional this year, we’ll still end up with official candidates for President and Vice President from the two major political parties in August!

I’d like to look at Presidents past, present and future through the lens of Energy Signatures. It’s a pretty fascinating perspective, and a non-partisan one too. I wrote about this during the Democratic debates earlier this year and promised to come back with an analysis of the final major candidates (Part 3 in this series). First let’s explore the Energy Signatures of past Presidents - their similarities, and differences.

Energy Signatures of Presidents – Part One
Once you recognize Energy Signatures – which is easy to do by just looking at someone! – you will not only understand people better, you will see commonalities within professions. And that includes Presidents!

Here’s a brief description of how to identify energy types based on physical appearance, and the gifts of each type (everybody has 3 types in their Energy Signature.)

Let’s get started!

Physical attributes- symmetrical and fit, well defined facial features
PROS - organized, capable, productive and detail oriented
Physical attributes- broad shoulders, charismatic eyes
PROS – bold leadership, big picture thinkers, effective communicators
Physical attributes - square torso, compact build
PROS - big-hearted, service-oriented and hard-working
Physical attributes - long and lanky, shoulder/hip higher on one side
PROS - creative idea people, quick-witted, spiritual
Physical attributes - large eyes/lips, soft voice, sloping shoulders
PROS - sweet, nurturing, highly-sensitive, and tuned into others
Can you guess what types are consistently prominent
in a “Presidential” Energy Signature?
If you guessed WARRIOR, ROYAL, and GARDENER, you’re right-
Leadership, vision, and the ability to produce results!

Here's a group of recent former Presidents; notice the broad shoulders (Warrior) and either a symmetrical frame (Royal) or a more square torso (Gardener). Presidents are usually Warrior-Royal or Warrior-Gardener.

The differences are often about the third type in their Energy Signature.

Do you notice that Obama and the Bushes have that lean to one side left/right imbalance of the Priest? These Warrior-Royal-Priest Presidents all had a spiritual/religious orientation. People believed in them.

  • The elder Bush felt a strong moral imperative in his governing (the 1st Iraq war, a “thousand points of light”)
  • George W. Bush believed he had a right-wing religious mandate
  • Obama had a spiritual aura that inspired idealism and hope

In another time, Abe Lincoln was also an idealistic Warrior-Priest-Royal who led the country to become a more just and humanitarian society.  He’s a good example of an inspirational leader of men (Priest), with the wisdom to see into the future (Warrior)…. and the organization and attention to detail to make that vision a reality (Royal)!

Reagan had the Priest type in his Signature too; his idealism was embodied in the concepts of less government and more freedom (which resulted in deregulation). His policies are partially credited with the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Clinton and Carter both have the more square, compact torso of the Gardener shape. They are beloved; the Warrior-Gardener combo means they are generous and extroverted people pleasers (who sometimes struggle with boundary issues). Other well-loved Presidents with Gardner in their Signature are John. F. Kennedy and the two Roosevelts.

They were emotionally connected – the difference between a Priest and a Gardener. They initiated aspirational, broad based, empathetic social goals.

  • “Teddy” Roosevelt was a father of the conservation movement, regulated food and drugs, fought corruption and envisioned the United Nations   
  • Roosevelt (FDR) ushered in the New Deal, Social Security and a minimum wage; he was so loved he served four terms
  • Kennedy (JFK) defined a new era of optimism with the Moon landing, Civil Rights legislation and creating the Peace Corps

Let’s talk about an outlier – Jimmy Carter. His larger lips, penetrating eyes and soft voice all indicate Lover, making him a Royal-Gardener- Lover.  Without the Warrior component he doesn’t fit the classic Presidential mold. That meant although he was astute and capable (ROYAL), he was also more sensitive to the welfare of others –creating the perception of being soft and indecisive (LOVER). In the Iran hostage controversy, although he got everyone out safe (and without starting a war!) he was criticized and seen as weak – and was not nominated for a second term.

Next week– just for fun, because it’s history now! - I will discuss the Democrats who ran for President in the primaries. If you followed that, it’s a chance to understand Energy Signatures (and one of them may be the democratic VP candidate).

Do you want to learn more about YOUR Energy Signature? Curious about the Energy Signatures of people you live and work with every day?  

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Happy reading!


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