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Covid Conundrum - Part Two

Jul 17, 2020

Medical knowledge and standard of care evolves over time; alternative and complementary approaches (including therapies, supplements and diet) are often leading the way in terms of effective treatment until they are proven. What we are seeing now is an extreme compression of medical experience, experimentation and knowledge in a short period of time. What we thought yesterday is no longer true, and then there’s a new issue to puzzle out… it’s stunning to watch. There are still too few answers about how to treat and prevent Covid at the moment.

The impact on our blood, hinted at earlier in the pandemic, is becoming more significant. Our blood type may make us more or less susceptible to the virus. “Covid toes” was the first indication of small blood vessel inflammation, which is the way it’s affecting very young children. Major blood clotting throughout the body is now seen as a factor in organ failure (initially thought to be due to lack of oxygen).

In my personal experience working with Covid so far, I have treated a few with fast-breaking symptoms that I’m sure I pulled back from the edge. Most I’ve seen are recovering, but a few weeks out are still feeling like “there is an elephant sitting on my chest”; and they are completely exhausted after 15 minutes of mild activity. What I “see” is cement-like blockage in the lower lungs. I can break up and release the blockage to a great degree, but it usually requires several rounds of energy treatment (depending on the amount of blockage).

I have techniques to address the fatigue, working with the adrenals and strengthening the nervous, immune and chakra systems. There is also a way to energetically oxygenate tissue – I’m just starting to experiment with that more in this context. People are being advised to do months of physical therapy to reclaim lung capacity, but energy work can greatly speed recovery.

Last time I shared the importance of clearing the virus from your personal energy field (the aura). This is the first thing I do with my Covid clients – and how I can tell the difference between Covid and a regular cold or flu. I believe you can support your immunity by extending your Hara Line. I do this every day for myself, and several others.

Here it is, back by popular demand - the basic Hara line exercise.

The addition to that for Covid: After connecting to the Upper Dantien, EXTEND THE LINE UPWARD BEYOND THAT. If there is a strong stream of energy moving out the Hara, there is less opportunity for the virus to come into your field. The best offense is a good defense!

Aligning your Hara with the extra visualization just takes a minute once you’ve practiced it a few times. And you’ll see in the video that the Hara is valuable in so many other ways…

So be careful; be cautious. Don’t be afraid (totally unhelpful.) Get outdoors and be grateful for small things. Keep up with the basics - which may be hard some days – but we will make it through this.

Hang on, hang in and take care,


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