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COVID-19 vaccine developing in lab

Covid Conundrum - Part One

Jul 10, 2020

Everything is contracted, smaller, we have less activity, less coming and going. It’s demoralizing that we are in this ever-worsening situation, but we can and should continue to do the small things like using “face-coverings” and keeping our distance. Yet in the magnitude of what is happening, it feels like putting sandbags around our home with an impending tsunami on the rise.

We need and miss the emotional and energetic nourishment we get when we are physically with others. And it’s a bit depressing to consider what our “new normal” might look like…

I’ve been keeping up as much as possible on the latest medical thinking about Covid; so much is unknown, and what was thought earlier is constantly being revisited. It’s a moving target; and for each individual, the outcomes can be quite different.

The severity and duration and even kinds of symptoms vary tremendously – no matter your age, level of health, or pre-existing conditions. From asymptomatic, to mild symptoms, to long-haul Covid “survivors” to dying - it is completely unpredictable how your particular physiology will respond to the virus.

A vaccine will help – a lot – but vaccines have a certain level and time period of effectiveness. It’s not the total answer. We now have a few drugs that seem to limit the severity of the virus in some situations, with more on the way… helpful, but still a band-aid in this ongoing epidemic.

In my healing training, we have an “energy first-aid kit”, including a specific frequency that works to kill most bacterial and viral infections. Covid appears much different than anything else I have seen. It does like to collect and incubate in the throat, but quickly moves into the lungs and bloodstream.  What is unusual is that this virus COMES INTO THE ENERGY FIELD, OR AURA, AND GOES INTO THE BODY FROM THERE. And it is pervasive in our environment. There is even a new mutation just discovered that is even more contagious; we are told the “good news” is that the mortality rate is the same.

Next week I’ll share my experiences working with people who have gotten the virus. For now, I want to leave you a simple practice/visualization I believe is helpful to prevent getting Covid.

Click here to watch the “Hara Line Video Lesson” and learn to keep your energy field safe.

I have taught the Hara Line for years, but now I want to add something to it for our current situation. After connecting to the Upper Dantien, EXTEND THE LINE UPWARD BEYOND THAT. If there is a strong stream of energy moving out the Hara, there is less opportunity for the virus to come into your field. I do this every day for myself and my family (one daughter is an essential worker on the frontlines in Texas) and a few others in hotspots. If you’re a Graduate or can do distance healing, go for it and provide this “protection” for others. So far, so good... 

If you haven’t done this exercise yet, now is a good time! Once you get the hang of it, it just takes a few seconds. And it’s valuable in so many other ways…

Click here to watch now!

Stay healthy!


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