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Becoming Great

Sep 07, 2023

Maybe you’ve always been naturally intuitive, or even considered yourself gifted with a healing touch. Perhaps you’ve had an experience - or several – that opened you up to energy and spirit in a big way. Maybe you can even sense and move energy, with some results.

Growth in consciousness is certainly part of being a healer; it’s the power behind the techniques. Once you step out on this path, it’s a lifetime of learning and growth. Yet a baseline level of training and experience is essential!

I have been practicing and teaching energy healing for twenty plus years now. I started in San Francisco, where people were generally more progressive and open to it; I taught there too. I moved to Montana in 1998 to raise my daughters, and people came from all over for my classes. I used to say I was far beyond the cutting edge; some called it woo-woo (I prefer “in the woo”). Now it finally is cutting edge! The longing for wholeness and spiritual connection has come out of the closet. People are also recognizing the value in addressing all aspects of our Being to support true health.

While these are all positive developments, I’m starting to see (along with some of my peers) a disturbing trend to this embrace of the healing arts. People are looking for a cathartic experience, but they also need to integrate the lessons and shifts that resulted. To truly embody newfound wisdom one needs time and practice. As revelatory and inspirational as these episodes are, with no follow up it just becomes an interesting experience.

That integration is even more critical if you intend to lead others. It’s how you become great! Yet we function through models and techniques. A few workshops are not enough to create the depth of knowledge needed to support clients in a professional practice. Creating a boundaried container for healing is essential as well. Our clients will present us with many varied issues and conditions, and working in this field will itself create opportunities for learning and personal growth. It’s endlessly fascinating!

I used to see the more comprehensive energy healing schools come and go (including the one I attended.) Now there are so many different trainings and programs it can be confusing to know how to choose. For some direction in what to look for in a healer or a training, see my free masterclass. And if you are ready now for that training, join us in my last “Jumpstart Foundations” class of 2023 - it’s coming up in just one week! Class size is intimate - smaller than usual, due to the space we will be playing and working in. You can email me at [email protected] to schedule a time to talk, or with any questions.

Embrace your potential!

Peace, love and healing -


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