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A Tarnished Celebration

Jul 07, 2022

Wow… there’s been a lot to take in. I’m spending an extra week sitting with the next blog, digesting the news of the day and how it relates to healing, and energy. In the meantime, here’s a replay which is even more relevant today... except that the vote itself is on the ballot this fall.

Got a Vote? (from August 28, 2020)

I teach and practice “Full Spectrum” healing; that means I include the physical body as well as the more subtle energetic forms that make up our whole being. It’s all connected, and it’s all important.

Just as we need to pay attention to our physical being, we also need to address and be engaged with the practical aspects of our lives. That includes participating in our group “consensus reality” - our families, communities and governments. We are fortunate to live in a democracy, having the right to vote, protest, and otherwise influence our shared experience.

People are sometimes surprised that a “spiritual” person is political, as if that somehow removes you from having to address more mundane aspects of life. There is a rich history of our spiritual and religious leaders being very involved in movements for peace, social justice, and the environment.

Over the years I have been active “politically”; from going door-to-door with petitions for stop signs on a busy street, to relocating a trash transfer station, to helping organize an art project to paint a busy intersection. I also have canvassed, registered voters, and sponsored phone banks at election times.

As a result we got two stop signs to slow down traffic on our residential street; the transfer station was eventually built in a less populated and more efficient location; and together the neighborhood had fun painting the street intersection with a community design! It was a reason to smile every time you passed by. I have enjoyed getting involved with my community, and have found the doorstop discussions interesting.

Although you may not be inclined to political involvement on this level, as citizens we do have some responsibility. We are taught the basics about our system of government and how it works in school. Our government doesn’t represent the people unless the PEOPLE VOTE. And it’s important to take the time to research candidates and issues; to be an informed voter.

What’s more important than ever in these unusual times is to find news and information sources that are factual. There has always been political “spin” on facts, misrepresentation and omission to support a viewpoint; but never have we had this volume of outright falsehoods being repeated and reinforced until they become an “alternative reality”.

Without facts we lose the ability to function as a society; we can see the fragmentation and deadlock that ensues without a baseline reality. Outlandish conspiracy theories thrive in this environment. News on social media and some outlets are an echo chamber for one perspective (the algorithms are set up that way.) We can’t even believe pictures or videos we see; they are photoshopped and otherwise doctored. Don’t be emotionally manipulated into a black and white universe. Ask whether you are inspired or inflamed, more united or divided as a result of your media consumption. Find a news outlet that is reliable – and has actual journalists examining, investigating and reporting on the important issues facing us.

I know many people who are cynical about politics and even voting: they don’t think it makes a difference. It does! Vote as if your life depended on it!**

This election the choice is clear – LOVE or FEAR?

Participate and give voice to your values and ideas. Hopefully, we hold similar values and can disagree on ways to manifest those values. It’s a process which involves compromise and mutual respect. That is what’s missing in Congress, and also missing in our society. Without compromise we are frozen, stuck, unable to meet our challenges or respond appropriately to a crisis - at the expense of our very lives.

Peace, Love and Healing -

PS.- **And this was written 2 years ago! These days our lives are literally on the ballot… 

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