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Underwater view of the sea surface

Your Essential Nature

Nov 16, 2023

On Earth, life began in the oceans. Water is essential to all life, and what we look for on other planets to see if they are habitable. Ever since creatures first crawled out of the sea, they carried their water supply inside their bodies. We are literally containers for fluid!

At birth we are 98% water, and it declines from that point on. An adult is approximately 60% water; major organs and muscles are even higher. Aside from drinking more water, how can we retain and enhance our fluid nature?

There are two issues - the quantity and quality of water.

Quantity is not just how much we drink, but how much fluid reaches each and every cell. Water needs to move, and therefore so do we! Some movement is unconsciously generated, like the breath and our heartbeat. To be healthy our whole body has to move - the more the better. Our movement “diet” is sorely lacking, even if you think otherwise!

Water naturally flows unless it is constrained. It moves in spirals and waves, and can contract and expand as it responds to the environment. When we have a narrow range of movement and/or repetitive actions our fluid nature is inhibited. Most of our daily activity and even exercise falls into this category.

Ever since I met Emily Conrad decades ago, I’ve been practicing her movement modality called Continuum. You voice a tone to set up a vibration, which your body responds to with movement. If you let go, follow it, and allow it to move you - without your mind dictating - it increases your fluid capacity.

Subtle gestures, in the tiniest muscles you never were aware of, begin to awaken. You take on strange shapes and positions that are atypical. The body’s own choreography brings more fluid, with its nutrients, oxygen and energy into every cell. Stagnant waste is carried away and your whole system regenerates itself. Increasing flow dislodges and softens blockages; it creates openings in areas of your body you don’t fully inhabit. Continuum Movement is an exquisite dance, an amazing workout, calming and liberating all at the same time!

Then there is the quality of the water you drink and bathe in. The minimum standards for water quality are just that - it won’t poison us! Most are aware it’s best to further filter our water. Alkalinity is another factor. Our internal environments are very  acidic due to stress and diet. Acid creates inflammation, the beginning of all dis-ease! A more alkaline water helps to counteract that. (It should be taken apart from eating, as your stomach acid will neutralize it immediately.) 

I have a Japanese ionizer that produces alkaline water, as well as breaking it down into smaller molecules more readily absorbed by cells. Maybe you've had a medical professional look at your live blood under a microscope, looking to see how “sticky” the blood cells are (Ayurveda considers the stickiness toxins, called “ama”).

The most important aspect of water may be that it carries energy. Literal electrical energy but also the energy of consciousness. It reacts to our thoughts and feelings! So another way to improve the quality of your water is to bless it. Emoto Masaru (“The Hidden Messages in Water”) demonstrated this through capturing pictures of the molecular structure of water.  He showed how water responds to positive words with beautiful designs. Our input even changes the distorted, dark and misshapen forms of polluted water - and negativity! - into those more coherent and exquisite forms.

Water and energy connect us to a greater whole - the evolutionary body of consciousness, the spirit of the planet and beyond!

Peace, love and healing -


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