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Transform Your Everyday

Mar 16, 2023

What kinds of changes can we make in our lives that are truly transformative? It’s not big dramatic events that really make a difference. They are helpful as a catalyst for inspiration, or for uncovering some deeper truth that gives us new insight.

The real job is integrating those events, bringing about a positive impact on the quality of our day-to-day. It’s not sexy; it’s about routines. It’s not hard, but at the same time it’s not easy to practice long enough (60 days or so) to change.

For me, it’s helpful to remember a new routine by attaching it to another. I’m speaking about simple, basic practices again because we can all use a reminder - if only to appreciate how much we already integrate these moments into our day! Find a format that works for you; when our normal routines are disrupted because of work or travel, we still wake up and go to sleep, eat, and brush our teeth.

Breathe - The easiest and most important thing to do is take one long slow breath in and out - often. When in bed, first and last thing; also before and after just about any activity! It’s the pause that refreshes throughout the whole day. It resets the nervous system, and brings us into the moment.

Move - Stretch your body. A full-on workout is a good thing, but this is maybe more impactful; to do just one stretch every time you sit down and stand up. While waiting for my coffee, I put my hands on the counter and stretch my torso flat out, with straight legs. Find your favorite times to stretch (and if you do one, you’ll usually end up doing a few more.)

Gratitude - Give thanks whenever you can - when you eat, when someone compliments you or does something thoughtful, when you think of who or what supports you. There are hundreds of things we take for granted - the person who sorted your package at the warehouse, the water coming out of the tap, the worker who harvested that produce you bought, the sun on your face…

Delete! Are you at peace? What takes you into worry, overwhelm, hopelessness? It might be the news, balancing your checkbook, or social media. Keep those activities isolated. Limit them to specific times. Like adding something, you could attach it to another routine to keep it contained. Maybe even add in something uplifting to counteract the negative!

What happens is you’ll start spontaneously doing these things because they make you feel good. You will find yourself breathing, moving, and saying thanks throughout the day. At that point the positive influences have become integrated, not necessarily part of a routine. It will also begin to shift some of your automatic responses to be more measured and thoughtful.

Find your moments. And if you already do, more is better!

Peace, love and healing -


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