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The Secret Life of Objects: Part II

Jul 09, 2013

Every “thing” resonates with the pulse of life, engaging with the energies surrounding it. Objects made of wood, clay, metal, fabric and other natural substances interact with and gather energies. It is for this reason I like antiques – I wonder at the life they have experienced and been witness to. Any stone in my garden from a faraway quarry or object made from wood also carries the memory of where it came from. I welcome them with appreciation into their new home and make any appropriate apologies for their upheavals and dislocation.

Likewise, there are some held energies that are not so inviting. I once encountered an old shaman’s tool from Tibet; I didn’t dare touch it because I saw it was still being gripped possessively by its original owner’s energy hand!

You can tell when a thing is unused, unnoticed, even when it resides in your environment. I know that when I have not meditated at an altar for a while its energy becomes dormant; the same for crystals I have. You can actively enhance the energy of an object by interacting with it. One dramatic way to do this is to invoke the energy of deity into a piece of statuary. Sometimes in India and Nepal they “stuff” prayers written on paper into the base of a cast metal sculpture. If this has been done there may be a seal covering the bottom. A picture or statue will have some of the energy of the person/deity depicted, but if you consciously meditate, pray, or call in that energy it becomes much stronger. Try it!

It was for this reason that I began to experiment with different statuary materials and their capacity to hold energy. Metal, wood, and earth/clay are good at carrying energy; concrete holds energy but “locks” it in so there is little emanation from it. The beautiful antique-looking composites made of wood/polymer or brass/polymer hold very little energy, although if there is a high enough percentage of brass it holds more.

A contractor asked me to come on site and check out the energy dynamics of different building materials. Again wood, metal and earth conduct energy well, and concrete takes in energy and holds it. He was working with a new type of building material – large blocks made of wood/concrete or Styrofoam/concrete that have open interiors (these are stacked, held in place by steel rods, and filled with concrete.) There was adequate energy flow thru the blocks but once they were filled with concrete they acted like concrete. Brick holds energy like concrete but to a lesser degree. I once went into a funeral home for a memorial that was made of concrete block. I was overwhelmed with the intensity of emotion from all the services that had been held there for a hundred years. I suppose it could enhance the experience of the people attending, but you sure wouldn’t want to live there!

These “experiments” were helpful for me in understanding some of the issues with buildings when I do a property clearing. In this kind of work there are many levels to be addressed – the land energies, the held energies in the building itself, any ghosts, and residual energy from recent occupants and their activities. 

Once you begin to develop your energy awareness, there are so many fascinating aspects of the world to explore. This awareness enhances all your interactions, whether with “living” beings or the subtle world of “objects.” 


- Bear McKay

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