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The Immortal Soul

Jun 30, 2022

In response to recent events, I thought I would share my experience with the soul, the primary “energy body” that enlivens and informs our physical being. In my classes, I teach about our soul’s journey here on earth and in the spirit realm, and the ways we can interact on that level as healers. In between our earthly adventures, we reside as a soul in heaven (a “place” that has many names.) It's a perspective we occasionally hear about in near-death experiences, ghost stories, and in personal visions and dreams.

From what experience do I speak from? In my work I do what I call “Soul Dialog” at the beginning of every session to get a sense of the feelings or concerns of the deeper self. This appears to me as images, actions or speech. I can communicate with a loved one who has passed, and talk with babies in the womb; those are just a few ways of working on the soul level. In Soul Dialog, I’m usually just getting a snapshot and then moving on with the session. I share this information with a client as seems appropriate.

Once I saw my client at an ironing board with a dreamy look on her face; I understood that she was feeling peaceful. It was such an odd image, I told her about it laughingly. She exclaimed “I love to iron! That's what I do when I get stressed out!”

Other times I’ve been shown a client frantically locking doors and windows; busy at a drawing board trying to figure out an equation: trapped in a cage, frantically trying to get out; playing a harpsichord… you get the idea! It’s always informative.

The soul comes in at the moment of conception. Often there are many souls vying for that “spot”, but only one gets the prize! The rest move on to other potential parents they've identified before they incarnate. I have seen a young woman with lots of souls “hanging around” her; at the end of the session, I asked if she planned to get pregnant soon. She exclaimed “oh, no” - so I told her (without saying exactly why) to be very cautious with birth control!

The soul cultivates its body more or less during gestation, coming and going from the spirit realm. When the baby “drops” or quickens late in pregnancy, it’s ready to be born soon and the soul is anchored into the body. What happens at the end of life is a subject for another blog. Simply put, the soul exits the body at the moment of death, and journeys back to its spiritual home.

What about a baby or young child who dies early, not having explored the possibilities of that particular life? The soul usually knows its time is short beforehand and comes in as a service. It's not so much a learning opportunity for them as it is for others, parents and close family.

I saw a young client who discovered she was pregnant, and initially decided her circumstances did not support having a child. Next session she was unsure; I asked the soul what it came to teach her. He had very beautiful, detailed descriptions of her potential life lessons either way - then announced that he would stay as her spirit guide if she chose not to continue the pregnancy. Sure enough, I saw him with her the next time as a guardian angel! In any case, the soul lives on; it endures.

Our soul is our truest nature; we are eternal beings. A body, a lifetime is temporary. The only thing we take with us at the end is our evolution; what we have gained in wisdom, how we've grown in love. Let’s learn to respect each individual's life journey and decisions.

Peace, Love and Healing,

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