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The Boomerang Generation

May 04, 2023

The astrology these days is similar to the late 60’s – when a cultural revolution changed America forever. Now that we are officially in the Age of Aquarius, what exactly does that mean?

The political minority continues to wield power and discriminate against “others” in more and more extreme ways. Sides have hardened into full-out warfare between democracy and autocracy. Civil war is mentioned, and people have been called to arms. Who will lead the way out of these dangerous times?

The ”Boomerang” generation! Like the Boomers in the 60’s, the idealism and energy of youth is up to the challenge and flexing its muscles. They are demanding our institutions serve us better and embody the principles of democracy. They are willing to get into “good trouble” to change the status quo. Today’s Boomers have settled down with age, but there are many who have the backs of this new generation and are supporting their efforts.

There is an argument that identity politics will just get in the way of addressing the root issue – economic injustice. It cuts across all the individual causes. And yet, you won’t find the same kind of “fire in the belly” aroused when you almost die because you can’t get necessary healthcare. Or you almost – or know someone who did – die at the hands of a person with easy access to weapons of war. Basic rights being truncated or taken away - to vote, to have access to health care, to work and play and even shop in safety. The freedom to merely function within these draconian policies can be impossible.

Those who would erase the struggles of our imperfect history deny us the chance to reflect and consider the effort it takes to live up to our ideals. Those who try to erase anyone unlike them deny the richness of our unique country, built on immigration and assimilation - and the reality of the sorry chapters and ongoing struggles of this great experiment. Progress has taken time and cost lives, but until recently there was steady movement toward our lofty goals.

We find a small minority re-writing the rules to maintain power; not just for monetary gain, but to impose their rules and beliefs on everyone else. The younger generation is saying “no” to the tyranny of the few. Our lives and even our continued existence on the planet depend on taking a stand. To create a more perfect union among multitudes of differences, we only need to embrace a few guiding values – and our shared humanity.

So many are now determined to meet the moment – the Tennessee three and the thousands of students marching with them for safe schools; Representative Zooey in Montana, rallying massive support to protect health care choices for all; and Governors around the country codifying individual rights, drawing a line in the sand around contentious issues.

A system needs to break down in order to reorganize. What we’re in store for now is a major re-visioning of the structures and institutions that we function within. It won’t be pretty! Meanwhile, I’m inspired by the brave young people – and those of all ages joining them – making a stand for democracy.

Peace, love and healing -


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