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The Big Energy of Mojo

Apr 30, 2022

Courtney Parkinson invited me to join her for an interview in the week-long series "Get Your Mojo Back." Our interview was a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoy it too - along with the other guests on the program.

Traditionally a magical charm, Mojo is also the ability or quality that helps you be good at something (or just plain lucky!)

Mojo is personal confidence and charisma, often in terms of sexual, 2nd chakra energy. Do you know what else the 2nd chakra is home to?

Emotions, Creativity and the ability to Generate!

Your creative, intuitive self is your lighthouse - on even the foggiest, darkest days. It leads you home to your true purpose. It will guide you on the shortest path to your most incredible life, even if your conscious mind can’t make sense of the awesome trail you’re blazing.

The best way to manifest that life starts with intention, forms with visualization and is fueled with emotional energy!

Are you ready to move forward? ready to thrive? How do we easily connect to our true self, and hear its wisdom, with all the noise around us and inside our minds?

Welcome to the second annual FREE Online Series Get Your Mojo Back:

Reclaim Your Health, Ignite Your Intuition, and Live a Life You Love!”

Yours truly, along with these other wonderful speakers, will show you how!

Register here and secure your spot today -

Listen and learn about how to connect to your power consistently and follow it as you move through your stickiest, most difficult circumstances. Panelists will be sharing scientifically proven tools and potent strategies to guide you toward that exciting-yet-relaxing, fulfilling and meaningful life that’s waiting for you.

During this series you will :
- Receive powerful healing activations to clear your emotional blocks
- Gain clarity on the next level of your unfolding purpose
- Unearth the treasure beneath any crisis
- Learn how mind-chatter, worry, and anxiety deplete our mojo and cause physical distress
- Realize you can let it all go to cultivate unshakeable inner peace
- Explore how shadow work can overcome self-sabotage, allowing guidance to come forward
- Discover your angels and ancestors, here to divinely guide you to the perfect path forward
- Appreciate being the black sheep in the family - you may be here to heal your family lineage
- Embrace your most difficult times - they can crack us open for a deeper experience of life
- How love and money are inextricably tied together, and you can have it all

Most of us are lifelong students, working hard to move beyond old patterns that no longer serve us. These patterns cause us pain, but it’s hard to create lasting change.

Find some new approaches in this FREE 7-Day Online Series, hosted by Courtney Parkinson. Along with her guests, she will share some potent strategies to shift your reality in a very short amount of time

Last year’s series was a huge success, and I’m thrilled to be a part of her Mojo gathering in 2022. With such a variety of speakers, you’re sure to find something that resonates with you to create meaningful change in your life.

In addition to 7 days of expert interviews, you’ll also have access to free gifts from each of the speakers to support you on your journey. Join me, Courtney, and thousands of women from around the world who’ve decided they’re ready to unleash their mojo and begin living life on their terms.



P.S. Feel free to share - a world flowing with mojo is a beautiful thing!

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