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Success in 2012!

Dec 18, 2012

2012. We’ve been hearing about the significance of 12/21/12 for years as a point of shift—of consciousness? of dimensions? of the earth’s poles? Is the fate of the human race, or even the earth, in question? Now that we’re well into this process and reaching the zenith on December 21st, the true meaning is more elusive than ever. I perceive it as a five-year process; we were launched out of the box on January 1st 2010, and soon we’re going to be on the downside of the curve. What will that look like? Will things get worse, or better?

The answer is both; an uncomfortable process with ultimately beneficial results, like a birth. We are experiencing a major contraction—labor pains to bring forth a new life, individually and collectively. With every difficulty, every contraction we meet, we have an opportunity to change and grow. Don’t make judgments, avoiding or desiring certain outcomes; the challenge is to get interested in whatever is happening for you.

As some of the things we’ve always counted on disappear, as some of our entrenched institutions- structures that we function through- seem to be disintegrating, remember that a system that isn’t working needs to break down in order to reorganize. The question is, how far does the breakdown have to go? We had a prolonged, exuberant expansion, so expect the contraction to be equally intense. The direct relationship of cause and effect seems to be less relevant than in the past. An action produces a different effect, a diffuse effect, or nothing at all. Maybe this denotes a shift from a Newtonian reality to a quantum one, where effects are subtle, affecting the energetic field rather than the physical world. It is now more productive to respond moment-to-moment to what is happening-to be flexible and responsive, shifting gears instead of rigidly sticking to a predetermined plan. Tacking with the current reality while maintaining our course and staying true to our values.

What does this mean on a personal level? Most of us are being required to question what is important to us, what we value. As possessions and some relationships drop away, as we prioritize and pare, there are unexpected revelations. What are the true ingredients for happiness? What is the meaning of a successful life?

This 2012 process can be scary, and most of us are experiencing some level of resistance to these changes. Here’s an exercise that may help make it easier for you. Let’s say your house is in foreclosure (substitute lost your job, went into bankruptcy, saw your retirement account evaporate; I use these examples because they are highly charged “survival” issues) Maybe you are afraid, depressed, fearful, or wondering why things didn’t work out—how it was “supposed to” if you did things according to plan.

Now imagine the logical consequences. Try to be realistic. Make friends with the details; where do you live now, who is with you, what are you doing? What does your average day look like? How do you feel? As you picture yourself, can you imagine any upsides to your situation? You might have more time for your friends or activities that you enjoy. You may have less responsibility, such as caring for a home and yard. Your family may be spending more time together, whether it’s to prepare meals instead of going out or because you’re in closer quarters. When we judge an event as bad and avoid it, usually the reality is much less terrible. Be willing to explore a new reality. You may even feel liberated, less concerned about an image, slowing down and savoring more. What is necessary, really? Who are you, really? What do you want to do with your life?

We are in a giant identity crisis as individuals, as a country, as a civilization. Who are we without our busyness, our work, our stuff? As in any crisis, the imperative is to change—or die. Not necessarily physically, but that slow death that comes from becoming more and more rigid, with less energy, less possibility, less—life. These times are an opportunity to develop more resources, to come to a deeper understanding of life from a transcendental context. With this perspective, the waves of change will still rock your boat, albeit gently. So, be willing to be confused, not have the answers, and go with the flow, while envisioning what the good life looks like for you!


- Bear

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