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Nativity scene: The 3 wise men follow the Christmas star over the mountains.

Peace on Earth

Dec 14, 2023

Love and fear are the major poles in our world of duality. There is no distinction once you transcend duality and realize the underlying reality of absolute oneness - pure love. The base emotion of fear is responsible for violence and war. It’s baked into the fact of our physical beings that we are seemingly separate from others. The impulse to survive and protect stems from this; although gone awry, it becomes the desire to accumulate excessive wealth and power.

This holiday season, even with the genteel spirit of gratefulness and generosity, is muted by the troubles of the world. It can weigh heavily on the heart and mind. Two war zones could potentially erupt and spread beyond those arenas. All countries and people are on edge, watching and weighing self-interest with humanitarian concern. We feel the oneness of humanity - but our collective pain and anger are also triggered.

These areas - Ukraine and the Middle East - have hundreds of years of conflict underlying the present wars. Epigenetics has shown that experience can change our DNA, for good and for bad. The responses of the people in those regions are informed by trauma embedded in their DNA going back generations. It’s another layer of subjugation and conquest. How will this ever change?

Megalomaniacs, obsessed with power, are creating misery and using fear and anger to control their “populations”. It’s not Israelis against Palestinians as much as it is Netanyahu and Hamas who have ignited another round of violence.

It’s not necessarily Russians versus Ukrainians, but Putin against - well, everyone. The extremes at home and abroad are out of control, fighting their counterparts or “enemies”.

The polarity has infected our discourse - as if we are required to take one side or the other. It's a false dichotomy. If you are for the Palestinian people it doesn’t mean you are anti-Semitic. If you support the Ukrainian people it doesn’t mean you are anti-Russian (ask Alexey Navalny.) The true war is between those who want “power over” and drive conflict, and the people who yearn for cooperation, mutual respect, equanimity and peace. Yet both perpetrators and victims - all sides - need healing.

We have become frustrated with the “thoughts and prayers'' response from people whose job it is to take action. For the rest of us, take action as you can… but thoughts are energy forms and they do have an impact! Do you believe? Do you have the faith of shepherds and wise men who followed the guidance of angels - or a “star of wonder” - to witness a miracle?

Collectively we can create miracles! As we meditate and pray, we tap into a field of endless possibility that helps manifest love here on planet Earth...

“Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me…
Let there be peace on earth, the peace that was meant to be…”

Peace, love and healing -

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