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Pause Before the New

Dec 28, 2023

It’s the end of one year and the beginning of another. We ponder accomplishments and challenges of the previous year and envision our hopes, dreams (and course corrections) for the new year. Unhappiness comes from being dissatisfied with the present - so we imagine something different from the now.

Yet in very real terms NOW is all that exists. It can be a refreshing place, spacious and free of past entanglements and complications, full of possibility. Why not spend some time in that place too?

We all function through a consensus reality that is driven by linear time. It's how we manage physical, mundane reality (which my guides call the “lowest common denominator”). The truth is that every moment arises from the previous one; in that sense there is no escaping the past.

Although because our perception of time is elastic, we can make an executive decision. We can choose where to put our attention. It’s an impossible challenge to do that every moment, but we can at least focus on the now some of the time.

Mindfulness is being fully present and engaged with an object or process, either internally or externally. In deep meditation without an object, thoughts and perceptions still arise, but we acknowledge and then ignore them (as best we can.)

We can cultivate a relationship with the now. It's the Being state that allows for our true essence - our soul energy - to take center stage, not be dominated or obscured by the mind.

I have a simple technique that will help you be here now. It can be a prelude to concentrated focus or a precursor to meditation. It is a gift to those you are with - the fullness of your presence. It ALSO gives you access to completely new information! I am talking about Intuitive information. Energetic information. Information so subtle it is often overlooked, discounted or seen as not practical; but it's as relevant as any other type of information.

I invite you to “take” an hour to find out how to Be more. To keep your energy field clear. To find healers who have developed their relationship with Being and can best support their clients.

Watch "3 Steps to Jumpstart Your Energy Healing Practice" Masterclass

For those who would prefer to read, click HERE.

The world turns, but we are collectively taking a pause. A deep breath. There is enough time to anticipate a new year. What can prepare you to best navigate what comes next with grace and well-being?

Peace, love and healing -

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