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Organic Intelligence

Jun 22, 2023

We can make a distinction between whether intelligence is carbon-based (organic) or silicon-based (inorganic.) Chat GPT has an IQ of 155; Einstein's IQ was 160. With AI’s ability to increase its intelligence exponentially, we will soon reach the “Singularity” - an event horizon beyond which we know nothing.

1500 noted scientists signed an open letter calling to temporarily shut down the development of AI, so adequate security systems can be created - citing its immediate threat to humanity.

It’s certain AI will completely disrupt our way of life, with its unlimited potential for both good and bad. Will people be relevant anymore? If one person with AI can replace 10 workers, what will people do? AI is already significantly smarter than the average person, and has creative capacities similar to humans. Our movies warn of menacing robots taking over the world and destroying humanity. The thing is, humans are actually the true threat - not AI! Machines only have the agendas they are given.

How can we utilize AI for a positive impact? By being good parents! Parents teach their children ethics and values to guide their behavior. Will people program AI to compete for maximum profit? Or to solve world hunger? How about addressing geopolitical conflict to orchestrate desirable outcomes for both parties (the ultimate win-win!) We need to be optimistic yet realistic about these great challenges.

At a conference on anti-aging, I saw an AI talking head named “Sophia”; there are several duplicates of her around the world, each one learning and uploading new knowledge to one computer. When asked random questions (even about human behavior and emotions) she would often pause as if to “think” - but in actuality she was sifting through millions of literal bits of information to create a coherent answer. People there were excitedly talking about uploading their minds to the cloud, and engineering our bodies with replacement parts so we could live forever.

Yet what is really unique to humans is that we are part of the organic world, and as such are connected to all forms of life on earth. Our brains may be limited, but we are conscious in a way that goes beyond knowledge. We are part of the innate biological intelligence of all living things. We already have the technology for eternal life, and it’s called the soul! We incarnate through many lifetimes and different bodies to evolve.

Consciousness is the totality of our experience through those many lifetimes. It is far more comprehensive, whole and connected than the brain will ever be. The human component of healing can never be replaced by technology; humans need other humans. We thrive in our interaction with the environment and other living creatures. Life is ultimately mysterious, and the outcome when encountering the new and unknown are defined by our intention to love and nurture it all.

Peace, love and healing -


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