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Now is the Time - To Get Comfortable on the Wild Ride!

Jun 14, 2018

The sweetness of early summer is upon us – fresh growth, flowers scenting the air, and thunderstorms that enliven us. We have our dreams and reveries and plans – for relaxation, easy socializing and a more graceful, less pressured life. And for a great many of us, it is against this relaxed backdrop that there is tremendous change and transformation going on.

I am not an astrologer but have learned over the years how much these really BIG energies affect us. I can easily see – because I am listening to clients and students – that it’s not just me going thru a particular phase.  And these days, and especially this summer, I see huge transitions going on. Dramatic shifts have been percolating for a while and will apparently be ongoing at least thru 2020.

This summer is a bell-weather moment on the march to 2020 (I won’t go into Mars, Uranus, Taurus and retrogrades, but do find an astrologer that speaks to you.)  Remember the stuck-ness of the Great Recession? That was frustrating, but now we are on a wild ride and there is no getting off.

What are our choices now? There is destiny, and the times, but we are also an agent of free will. That means there are opportunities, and struggles. The suffering mostly comes from being too attached to people, places, and outcomes. The faster we can accept what is presenting itself in this moment, and move with it, the easier time we will have. Notice what is being supported, and what you are trying to push forward out of will or ego.

How exactly do we do that? A deep breath always helps. Beyond that, a regular meditation practice supports a quieter nervous system, if not a quieter mind. The mind doesn’t necessarily have to be quiet, but take on more of an Observer role. What is actually happening right now, beyond our ideas and agenda? Look at others as the mystery they are; it’s impossible to know exactly why they behave the way they do, but try accepting what others say, do and feel as true. Take things at face value, and your assessments will usually be more accurate. We have that selective perception that eliminates or negates much of the information coming our way. If we can be curious about a situation without prejudgment, we can respond more authentically.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the only constant is change” but it’s hard to navigate total chaos! We have an agreed-upon, consensus reality that helps us operate in the world. We need to plan and organize to function, but it’s good to remember that underneath that veneer anything could happen, at any moment, to radically change our lives. I call this getting comfortable in the not-knowing place that we experience in times of transition. It’s a chance to meet that underlying reality and famously “go with the flow”, whether we label it good or bad.  Soon enough we will have a structured life again after whatever changes are percolating – with work, relationships, where we live, or possibly all three!

So back to the deep breath, and an appreciation of the wildness, beauty, and unpredictability of this, and ultimately, all times. We truly don’t know what will happen, but let’s base our best guesses on this moment, not an outmoded concept of how things should be.

I’m in it with you!



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