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Jan 04, 2024

I’ll be starting another mini-series on an area of healing this month. I’ve written about ghost busting, how past lives can affect a person physically in this life and communicating with those that have passed (all on my website.) 

I have worked with ghosts over the years, but it’s just one part of clearing a location. Other aspects are the land energies inherent on the property; energy trapped in building materials from past events; or recent human activity that is having a negative impact.

The ghost busting series last fall was hugely popular! So I give you one more about ghosts to ponder - and it’s also related to the subject of my upcoming series on working with land energies.

In all situations Soul Dialog is a critical skill to be successful.  If you can’t find out why a spirit is there, how will you know what to do to help? I really do consider all work I do to be of a healing nature. In the case of displaced souls, I am working for a happy result for all involved, living and dead!

Did you know that half of Americans now think that ghosts are “real”? That's a big change. Our European counterparts have “believed in” ghosts for centuries. Ultimately it doesn't matter - they will continue to exist in any case.

Many people make peace with the ghosts in their home, whether out of necessity - they don’t or can’t move - or they feel the spirit is benevolent. It's true (although not common) that they can follow you from one place to another. In that case they might be ancestors, or maybe a person is fascinated with their presence and continues to invite them in. There are also intentionally disruptive guests!

Once I was called to a ranch (owned by whites) on a Native reservation because the soil was unproductive. It looked like an eerie moonscape; the soil had a white crust. The rancher had hit something when he was turning the ground; it stalled the tractor and broke the plow. When he checked, nothing was there. This happened a few times! He consulted with a Native elder, who thought it had to do with a particularly angry (and deceased) tribal member. The rancher had been in my classes, so he called on me.

Consulting briefly with guidance first, I expected to be addressing the man the elder had identified. After arriving and standing in the field awhile, he came into view. Following behind him was a very large and intimidating group of Native American warriors! I was taken aback but kept my composure. They declared it was their land and they were protecting it. I acknowledged their role, but also noted the sorry state of the land. I asked if there was another way to be guardians of the land and still let it thrive. They discussed it among themselves, and then I saw them - one by one - dissipate in a flicker of flame, gathering into an energy form (called a land deva) above the property.

After that encounter, the field grew more alfalfa than anyone could remember. It was even lush. Other locals driving by would stop and ask the rancher what fertilizer he had used! The (living) Native American elder appreciated the respectful effort and congratulated us on the result.

Peace, love and healing -


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