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A Gift of Love for You and the Kids

Dec 11, 2020

We feel confined right now, but don’t let your body suffer! Movement supports all aspects of our physical health – circulatory and respiratory, muscular and skeletal, endocrine, nervous and especially immunity. The lymph fluid cleans up cellular debris from antibodies fighting invaders, and takes it out of our system. The problem is, it doesn’t have a functional “pump” to move it like the heart does for the blood. You have to physically MOVE your body to move the lymph fluid. It’s why people use compression “boots” to literally pump the body’s fluids. This contraction and expansion moves the waste out and the nutrients into cells.

Beyond the body, movement supports mental health; it reduces stress, and increases focus, memory and energy levels. If you are moving outdoors, that’s even better - but since it’s winter, we are indoors most of the time. Not only indoors, but with the same people! Emotions are running high as we deal with this prolonged isolation, extra work, and perhaps the sickness or death of a loved one. Children are just as susceptible to all the emotional turmoil and stress -  their own, and also that of adults in their life.

Here’s a way to address all of the above!

“I Feel My Energy Body” is a book to read with the children in your life. It opens up a safe conversation to recognize emotional states we might consider “negative” (and therefore not readily expressed.) The book highlights several scenarios of a child communicating how they are feeling to a grandmother figure, listening and affirming.

Grandmother then suggests an alternative to staying stuck in a “mood” once it has been acknowledged. They learn that through movement and sound, we can consciously shift a feeling state (and perspective) in any given moment. The book - and grandmother! - model a healthy relationship and response to our rich and variable emotional life. 

Understanding that these feelings - and thoughts - are natural and manageable is so important to developing resilience in life. Sometimes the energy of repressed feelings can build and get out of control. Emotional intelligence is just as important - maybe more so - for a fulfilling life as your IQ is. Brains have the potential to grow and make new neural connections and pathways throughout our lives. We can change and influence that wiring, which is especially impactful at a young age.  Click here to get your copy.

Ronda Myer, a mother and grandmother (and a McKay Method@ School of Energy Healing graduate) created this book* as a way for adults to help children recognize and build a vocabulary for different emotions. It encourages the reader(s) to feel fully, and then move through and out the other side to something - different! It fosters confidence in the ability to accept, change and grow from those experiences, instead of hiding or being ashamed of them. This holiday season is like no other. Spending even more time online these days means it’s even more critical to MOVE. And what could be more important right now than exploring the intimacy of emotional connection, combined with feel good vocals and movement?

I love this book and I’m sure you will too! Thanks to Ronda for her unique and powerful contribution to the children of the world, and their adults. Click here to get your copy

- Bear

*Based on the (adult) exercise Chakra Energetics from my book “Your Energy Signature.” 

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