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Live and Learn?

Nov 11, 2023

On November 11 we celebrate Veterans Day, also called Armistice Day. WWI officially ended on this day in 1918. It was called “the war to end all wars.”

Sadly, that was not the case. There are big wars right now in Ukraine and the Middle East which are already aligning much of the world into two camps. Then there are less explosive, but very real wars in almost every corner of the world - some hidden from sight, others brazenly launched.

Those hopes and aspirations have not manifested - yet.

So many are suffering in palpable and dramatic ways, trying to survive at the moment - any healing much farther down the line. Others not in the direct line of combat are being torn by conflicting allegiances and emotions. Who can be right in humanity’s ongoing impulse to violence?

We all feel this incomprehensible pain - in our hearts, bodies and the group energy field we are all a part of.

It’s overwhelming but there is one bright light - you, my dear reader! Combined, all our thoughts, prayers, and intentions for peace DO make a difference. Thoughts have form that impact our reality. Intention is the subtlest form of Doing! Although we are still called to act in the more worldly aspect of our reality - with material and political support - do not underestimate the power of collective love that is also baked into this human experience.

As I continue to expand and grow, so do my practices. For the past two years or more I have been disturbed by the sheer amount of suffering I see energetically when I do Tonglen. So I asked for help in my efforts, and this huge group of souls appeared to me, seen as bright soul bodies in the cosmos. When I speak my Tonglen for the day, I sense into the immense suffering of the world. Then I draw the suffering into my heart, transform it, and watch it emanate out as rose gold light - from all of us. The suffering appears variable - as black currents, red shapes or a dense gray cloudiness. Our impact also varies, and although it never completely obliterates the suffering it significantly brightens and lightens the density.

I work with this numberless group of beings to bring peace, love and healing into this world every nite in Tonglen. It’s one thing we CAN do, and it truly does make a difference. The human race actually is evolving in its consciousness, but the hour is growing late.

I invite you to join us!

Peace, love and healing -


Here is a guide to the basic Tongen which serves as a starting point:

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