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The McKay Method® graduates surrounding a gigantic tree

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Sep 27, 2016

The McKay Method® Graduate Retreat

In addition to the Graduate Celebration, the Retreat is an opportunity to reconnect with The McKay Method® community every year. We typically explore an area we don’t normally cover in classes, such as working with land, plant, animal and mineral energies. This year we communicated with ancient trees and made prayer flags to adorn the graduation tree. Two of the presentations were specifically about plant energies - another was about levels of consciousness and trees are certainly highly conscious beings. We started the Retreat with a meditation on Ayahuasca energy, which blew our minds without blowing out our bodies!

The Retreat was held at the WD Ranch, in Melville, Montana. The WD Ranch is an old-time authentic cattle ranch where we held a few early retreats; our hosts, Paul and Elli Hawks, are part of The McKay Method® community. The majestic Crazy Mountains form the backdrop to a powerful hilltop medicine wheel on the ranch. In this magnificent setting we played, heard fascinating presentations from our graduates and shared wonderful home-cooked meals. Each year the graduation ceremony is unique - this year the graduates took turns sitting in the old white willow and received whispered blessings from the group.

Peace, love and healing -


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