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For the Young at Heart

Jul 06, 2023

It's summertime, and kids are on the loose! Trying to find activities that are fun and interactive is a never-ending challenge. Apart from pure recreation and more “learning opportunities”, you might want to create some more reflective time with them.

As adults, we aspire to model spirituality and psychological health. Morals, compassionate behavior, and religious beliefs can be taught intellectually. But how do you foster a spiritual or energetic experience

Anyone who has tried to introduce meditation to a child can attest that it's challenging. I struggled with this as a parent of young children, who aren’t quite ready to meditate - keeping still is not an easy discipline! Fortunately today there are mindfulness practices designed for children which are an easier route. I have an additional suggestion... 

When I started teaching energy healing, I developed an exercise – Chakra Energetics™ – for adults to open and lightly clear their energy system. This has benefits as a daily practice; it can also be used spontaneously and selectively to enhance the particular strength that resides in each chakra.

I am thrilled to introduce parents - and any adult with young children in their lives - with a way to work with the chakra system without ever saying the “C” word! Ronda Myer, a former student of mine, did just that with her Graduate project. She created a book for children based on Chakra Energetics™ called “I Feel My Energy Body”.

She finds a way to encourage children to talk about and acknowledge their emotions – the more troublesome ones – that are related to each chakra. A grandmotherly figure then suggests a way to energetically shift to a different feeling state by doing a movement and sound together. This practice helps children verbalize difficult emotions, understand that they are valid and transitory, and can be shifted and moved through intentionally

Over the years I have heard many stories from students whose children enthusiastically joined in when they did Chakra Energetics™ – and even babies that bobbed along, making sounds! Ronda has many grandchildren in her life and also noticed how they embraced the exercise. I am so impressed with the artful way she has re-created this exercise just for children. The illustrator also made meaningful contributions through her wonderful drawings and interpretations of the material. 

This time of year is very active, and it’s nice to pause and have some quiet quality time with the children in our lives. I invite you  to check out this special book for yourself - I'm sure it will become a favorite to read together with younger loved ones!

Peace, love and healing -

Bear and Ronda

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