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The McKay Method students doing energy healing table work

Integration is Key!

Jan 03, 2020

As we enter a New Year – and decade – I’d like to emphasize the importance of integration. The brain loves novelty and the new, even if it’s the ding of an incoming message. On a bigger scale we are enamored of growth, growth and more growth. Yet growth without integration is fruitless. In nature there is the inhale and the exhale, Being and Doing, growth and integration. I challenge my students to practice the new techniques they have learned until they reach a point of fluency. If you learn something new without practicing, it becomes an interesting experience… memorable, perhaps insightful, but nothing in your life fundamentally changes. In order to EMBODY our new awareness and start living it, we need to practice. So in this New Year commit to what you can learn AND practice to truly move forward.

In the same way I teach practicing to fluency, I also – in my healing work and program – approach health in all its aspects. This means addressing the soul level, psychological and emotional patterning, energy structures (like chakras and energy bodies) and the PHYSICAL BODY. What we consider our physical body is merely our densest energy body! It arises from and is influenced by all the other areas. So integration in this sense is fully addressing all these aspects with what I call “Full Spectrum Healing”.  

Many people want to hide out in the spiritual and energetic realms and don’t give much importance, or attention, to the physical. Yet the physical body will always be the ”red flag” of inattention at any level. While we are here, in a body, on this planet, we need to take care of our physical nature. As we age, long-established patterns of imbalance emerge - whether it’s the way we favor one side of our body, how we process emotions, or our energetic defenses that overlay a misguided belief. The personal work never ends, but thankfully, it gets more subtle - and there is always something new arising to attend to!

I am also a proponent of being engaged with our consensus reality. People are often surprised to find I am politically active, as if it was “beneath” a spiritually oriented person. Over the years I have been involved in neighborhood organizations, gone around with petitions – whether for a few stop signs on a busy street, or to paint an intersection with a mural – and have canvassed for my political party in various elections. Once, my Bozeman business became the HQ for a presidential primary campaign! I believe it’s important to participate in all areas of life, in politics as well as healing. We all contribute our bit to this shared reality, whether consciously or not. 

What kind of influence do you exert in this world? How will you help shape – and evolve – this consensus reality? This becomes more critical when we can’t agree on basic facts. Facts do change over time (consider medical science!) and yet there is always an underlying trend, or pattern, toward greater awareness. The previously unknown becomes part of our conscious knowledge.

This bigger energy field supports healing on ALL levels – personal, in the body politic, and in the larger world. My next series of articles will veer into the political landscape, as I explore the Energy Signatures of Presidents. So stay tuned - it’s all fascinating!     



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