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Oct 05, 2023

This year, while the veil is thin, I thought I would write about – ghosts! As in an unwanted, unknown visitor in a building, often but not always a home. I’ll start out with my very first experience in “ghost-busting”. I was a total neophyte, had no training whatsoever – in fact it was a decade later that I got some extensive training in energy healing. Now I consider my work helping spirits leave as a healing for all involved – because it’s always better to move forward on our karmic path.

Too Scared to Move In
I was going to move into a new house – a Queen Anne Victorian in San Francisco. I was at the house during the day supervising workers as the floors got refinished, rooms painted and other prep work was done. My infant daughter came along in her portable car seat. As the days went by I was getting a more and more ominous feeling. Driving by one night my husband inexplicably said, “I wish it would burn down!” Literally we had just bought it… I was shocked, but he sensed something was off too.

In the back “ballroom” (soon to be family room) I had always felt a sad presence. Neighbors told me a young man owned the house briefly, dying soon after buying it. It was the late 80’s and I intuitively felt he had been an early casualty of the AIDS epidemic.

The ominous feeling was getting worse; I kept my sleeping daughter close by. Then I remembered an astrologer friend had done a house clearing once. She gave me detailed instructions on how to perform a complex pseudo-religious ceremony in the house. Starting on the top floor I did a series of gestures at every opening (door, window) with each of the four elements. When done I swept my outstretched arm in a circle and directed the energy into a glass bowl full of water. I repeated the procedure  on each floor. When done, I emptied the water bowl at the base of a tree (where it was transformed into nourishment.)

I started in the loft, a redone attic space. To my surprise I felt a shiver of a malevolent force coursing through my arm when I released the energy into the water! I proceeded through the house, and in the ballroom I sensed that sad spirit as it moved it down into the water.

Later, talking to an elderly neighbor, she mentioned that the house had several separate occupants at one time. She said a nasty old man had died in the attic. So he was my scary ghost! The house felt fine after that, although I did sometimes think of the young man with the unfulfilled dream of living in this beautiful house.

Commentary: It's Not Always So Simple 
That ceremony can be done by a beginner and is fairly successful, although these cases can be complicated. As I have evolved in my work, I now use different methods for ghost-busting. Sometimes it’s not about a ghost but held energy in the building materials themselves, or the land energies underneath the property.

With the capacity to talk to these souls and find out why they are there, we can usually come to some solution that is satisfactory to all. Of course there are those who are harder to dislodge; there are other ways to make it happen! I read an article once which recommended confidently saying ”ghost be gone”, and voila! Well, yes and no. My dialog with a ghost could be boiled down to that, but it only works if you have grown your consciousness and abilities to a certain level; otherwise, crickets!

Peace, love and healing -


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