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Emerging from Covid – One Interaction at a Time

May 20, 2021

I’m going to take a break from PAST lives storytelling to address our current state of affairs.

Coming out of Covid evinces an odd and contradictory set of feelings and thoughts. Excited, fearful, relieved, anxious, exhausted...I’ve heard this described recently as languishing.  Languishing means “lack of vitality, failing to make progress” or “being forced to remain in an unpleasant place or situation.” During the pandemic I’ve noticed this strange dynamic of being bored and stressed at the same time!

Our saving grace has been getting out-of-doors and into the natural world. It’s been a respite and the only way to get energized. Appreciating a breeze, the temperature variation, the plethora of visual stimulation, the presence of plants and animals, birds and sky… the sun, that literally charges us.

Food is one kind of fuel, but our chakras and energy field take in much more - all of our environment, including other people. We used to interact with others in myriad and diverse ways, every day. From acquaintances in the neighborhood, at work, and the small incidental interactions we were used to in a day stimulated and sustained us. Remember the excitement of a big crowd? That feeds us too...

We are depleted - with so much to do, and little energy to do it with. Trying to self-motivate - endlessly - and take care of ourselves and others at the same time has been challenging. The other word that describes the situation many are in is limbo. We may be confronting the re-invention of our work, where we live, the loss of health, a relationship, a loved one, or just not feeling connected - to others, or any past goals or dreams…

Now we are supposed to “emerge.” Like a butterfly, all fresh and re-imagined and ready to fly! I am wondering why - why didn’t I do x,y, or z while I had this endless horizon of time? We are certainly transformed, but in a good way? A new way of living - the “new normal” - will slowly take the place of our contracted Covid lives. Maybe you are still feeling more like the caterpillar (moving s-l-o-w-l-y) or even still in a cocoon.

Can we reclaim the spontaneity and interaction we once had, or will it take practice? How will we think about large gatherings, and crowded venues? We have come to value our deepest connections - what about the rest?

The only advice I have is to breathe (deeply, slowly) and make movements, big and small.

I will be taking another newsletter break as my own life, and priorities, get reordered. I will be back in the future with a new and engrossing topic from the world of energy!
- Bear

A word on vaccinations: I’ve never been pro or anti; as I traveled, or flu season came around, I typically considered my own health and risk factors and decided accordingly. The situation now is different; it’s not just about me. WE ARE IN A WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC. I got the Covid vaccine because of others who are vulnerable - those with health conditions who CANNOT take the vaccine, children who are too young to get it, and I suppose also for those who are unwilling.

We have to reach a tipping point with vaccination or continue to live half-lives, restrictions coming and going. I have checked out the vaccines energetically and tracked my body’s response; they are all good, take whatever one is available. And if they are 95% effective, that still means that 5% can become ill. That makes it even more critical to reach a tipping point where we can - relax more. I have treated many people with Covid this past year, and the one thing I have seen is that how it will affect you is totally unpredictable.

And as it goes for the US, the same percentage of immunity is needed world-wide. Just this once, I encourage you to be part of the “herd”! 

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