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Dying to be Reborn

Apr 06, 2023

The Bardo is a transitional, liminal state between death and rebirth. We die; our human body ceases to exist. That life must be linked, in time and space, to the next incarnation. In Buddhism the Bardo is described as a series of stages in that intermediate process.

For Chogyam Trunpa the phases of the Bardo are a valuable psychological metaphor. Familiar with the phrase “the before times”? It’s used to describe life pre-Covid. I think we’re still in the Bardo, feeling our way into the next life.

Moving through these states has been compared to an illness, or an intensive period of meditation when the usual way of life is suspended. The present moment can also be considered a continual Bardo, an interval between the past and the future; the Bardo of becoming. When you are internally focused, the in-between states contain subtle shifts. Your circumstances and environment can be viewed differently. Timothy Leary and Ram Dass have described the psychedelic experience as an accelerated trip through the Bardo!

The business of our frantic pre-Covid lives - with its emphasis on the superficial aspect of existence - was paused. In between moments of despair and boredom we dreamed. We meditated on the meaning of our lives. Having moments to observe more carefully, the luminosity of true nature was revealed. Biologists began studying their own backyards. Psychologists watched linear time become elastic. We noticed what happens when we spend more time together - or apart. What else were we missing that had been right in front of us?

Even though we have moved into action, we are changed and still being resurrected in the Bardo. What will the next manifestation look like, what form does this new life take? How do we place different values on our time and attention? Or create a deeper, more embodied experience than before?

Stillness, reflection, and connection with the Divine can guide us through this mysterious undertaking. Mere appearances can no longer be trusted. Profound peace and pristine awareness can  be ours before we leave this body. We can sow new karmic seeds into form now, without waiting for another time or life.

Waking up to the arrival of new life, of spring, of the truth of eternal life and the power of rebirth, how will you meet the coming transition? We are being called to a greater awareness, a deeper relationship and responsibility to all. Every moment is continually rising anew. What choices will you make? What is possible right now?

I invite you to join me, along with other loving souls, in a four day exploration of energy, matter, healing and consciousness. If you are interested in embracing a new perspective and way of living, email me at [email protected] to find out more.

Peace, love and healing -


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