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I-Ching: Divination, Philosophy and Wisdom - all in one!

May 07, 2020

Working from home, schooling from home, trying to organize ALL our activities and time – from home – gets exhausting. So here’s something you can do whenever the impulse strikes you – be inconsistent, undisciplined, irregular!
For this week's Corona Care Kit item, I want to suggest a BOOK that is a wealth of wisdom, a reference, a divination invitation, a philosophical perspective, and intuitive guidance. It’s next to my bedside, and has been for many years. (Often it’s my go-to every nite before I turn off the lights.)

What is it? THE I-CHING, or “Book of Changes” - and we’re going thru a few changes right now! I recommend the Wilhelm/Baynes translation (the introduction by C.G. Jung is fascinating). There are layers of additions and commentaries, but this version keeps them relatable - ten centuries later. A shorter modern version I use is by Brian Browne Walker.

As a divination tool, this book tells how to throw (like runes) the traditional coins or yarrow-stalks (“oracle bones” are also mentioned in the introduction). However I am supremely lazy – or casual? - and I merely pose a question in my mind, and then open to a page. This shortcut forgoes the interpretations of the “lines”, which are variable and make for a longer “reading” when you throw the coins/stalks.
Here are a few gems from this past week (much paraphrased by me) – 
9 – The Taming Power of the Small
You are temporarily restrained; there are obstacles to ambitious action. It’s a time of preparation for the future and taking small steps – determined within, and adaptable and patient on the outside. If you remain calm you will succeed in making things go well at the end. Think of planting seeds rather than harvesting fruit.
5 – Waiting (Nourishment)
We must wait - but don’t give into doubt and agitation, wait with patient inner strength. There is a danger that has to be overcome; yet perseverance leads to good fortune. Inner security allows one to endure, face things as they are and then act accordingly. Don’t worry and try to change things before the time is right. Rest and enjoy the good moments while preparing for future challenges.
There are many I Ching resources, from cards to books to complicated formulas. I was reading it every nite for a few years, even when I didn’t have a question. The wisdom it contains is profound.
Here’s another learning opportunity - “Your Energy Signature” Book Club, the second – and final - round starts May 14th! It’s free with the purchase of the book, and we meet on Thursday nights at 6:30 Mountain Time on Zoom. We’ve had fun in the first round, and you are helping me refine an online course I’m developing. Later this summer I will debut the official class ”Energy Signatures in Action.” You’ll gain so much insight about yourself and others – and why we do the things we do!


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