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Dive Into Hot Water!

Jun 12, 2020

This is the last Corona Care Kit newsletter. We are collectively diving back into action, for better or worse; going back to work, public spaces, stores and restaurants. Dipping our toes into the social pool, the new way forward is uncertain and tentative. Being propelled into the public square, literally or figuratively, we are called to make something new, and better from these times.

Last week’s newsletter – Stop, Drop, and Roll with It! – referenced what to do when you’re on fire! And we truly are on fire with pent up energy and intense emotions. For whatever reason – and there are many - these are difficult times.

Let’s take a moment and make sure that what we’ve learned while “staying at home” stays with us. Doing less and being more. Slowing down – “taking” time. Noticing how the natural world is always there for us. Cherishing people close to us. Realizing we don’t have to be constantly rushing to and fro in a frenzy to stay connected. Engaging from a more “present” place – and available for feelings. Giving ourselves a “break”. Being grateful for what we do have.

We need to sustain ourselves for what the long haul holds – the second wave, political action, the changed nature of work, school, and family. We are always supported by the basics of life – breath, water, and movement – and I’ll have more to say in the future regarding these essentials. For today, I want to highlight water.    

Like a rain shower, everyone appreciates that a hot bath is soothing, calming and refreshing. But did you know that a bath, with a few extra ingredients, can also cleanse your energy field? I try to do this once a week; after I teach a class it’s essential. Not that I have picked up any “bad energy” – energy is just energy – but there is an accumulation, an excess of energy in my auric field. This can be understood as static in your vibration.

An enhanced bath is a reset, from which to start a fresh round of interactions with your environment (which includes other people).

Click here to learn how to dive into some hot water and renew your “center”! (flowers optional!)

I hope you have enjoyed this series. It has kept me in touch with the basics; I have a greater appreciation for how I am sustained by the activities I’ve shared. And know that it has taken me many years to consistently embody these practices! The newsletters and downloads will continue to be available here. If you just take one or two of your favorites to move forward with, that will be enough. For now...

Peace, love and healing -



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