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Dimensions of Our Being

Jul 14, 2022

What’s the difference between chakras, dantien points on the Hara Line, and our Soul body? They are forms that exist on different dimensions. All are aspects of our energetic physiology, but because they exist on different planes, they can seem to occupy the same space! What’s even more interesting is how they relate and interact with each other.

The Soul comes in at conception and is the essential “operating system” for our entire Being. It is who we are at the deepest level, and is the constant in this and many lifetimes. Every other aspect of our Being originates from the Soul body.

It seems logical that the physical body is responsible for the energy emanating from it, because our vital life force dies along with the physical body. The Soul has already left the premises! It drops the dysfunctional body, which is no longer useful for its evolution. The vital, cellular energy starts dissipating the moment the Soul leaves.

When the Soul comes in at conception it emanates an energy field, within which all growth happens. As the Soul “field” starts to differentiate, it becomes our Hara line - a dimension where we exist as a line of energy! That first formation is called the primitive streak in scientific terms. That streak begets the notochord, which creates the neural tube. Both eventually become the spinal dynamic (the vertebrae and spinal cord). Everything else in the body develops from there.

The Hara line has been recognized for centuries by Asian cultures, and is actively utilized and worked with in martial arts, tai chi and qigong. There are points along it called “dantien”. The Hara, and three major dantien points, is always the first thing I teach* to my students.

From the Hara dimension, the seven main chakras and seven energy bodies (levels of the field) arise. The Hara is the energetic midline; the chakras are rooted in a central channel which aligns with the Hara. Each chakra has its corresponding energy body, which get smaller in size as they become more condensed (like a Russian doll set.)

Barbara Brennan, a famed healer and teacher, describes each dimension as “upwelling” to manifest the next dimension. In other words, the Soul body> the Hara line and dantien points> the chakras and associated energy bodies> the spinal dynamic of the physical body. Whew!

The various forms that exist on different dimensions can be thought of as layers. Spatially, it can seem like the 2nd chakra is almost on top of the lower dantien, located mid-belly. The 4th chakra and middle dantien at the heart area appear to intersect, and the 3rd chakra in the solar plexus is near where the Soul body resides! The dimensional difference makes that “overlap” possible.

The body isn’t emanating our life energy - it’s actually just the physical expression of the Soul body. The Soul body is a field which gets increasingly dense and more complex in form as it solidifies into matter. As an energy healer you are always working that edge between energy and matter - it's a process of transmutation.

Peace, Love and Healing,

*For more on the Hara line and how to utilize it - CLICK HERE

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