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Best Practices for 2020!

Nov 05, 2020

What’s next?

I am writing this the day before election day. It is clear that everyone is fearful. My best advice for getting through these next few weeks with patience and persistence is to take a deep breath. Again. And again.

Make that slow, 3- part breathing – abdomen, diaphragm, chest. Actually, those are the 3 places where we align our Hara – a technique that immediately drops you into the Being State! We could all use a little of that right now. You can learn how; it’s simple and is in the first chapter of my Being/Doing booklet. The Hara is also useful at the start of your meditation – or any time! See the link below for the e-booklet.

We also align our Haras before doing energy work. Looks blissful, doesn’t it?

This is a picture from a class we just had in October. We were a small group in a big space, with rooms onsite and great catering; it was a perfect Covid set-up. It’s only the second Foundation Class I have taught this year (I plan to teach more next spring, gods willing).

The first class was in February, and when those students went home, they spent the next months practicing on – whoever was in their household! Some of them from that class came and refreshed their skills in October. There is a lot of content, and no matter how brilliant you are you are, you won’t “get it all” the first time around. It’s the reason I invite people to take the class a second time for free and encourage graduates to assist in a Foundation Class.

While the models and techniques get more complex in the 2-yr program, the skills taught in Foundation are ones that you never stop using as a practitioner. I continue to use several of these basic techniques every session! If you are a healing professional looking for some new skills to use in your practice right away, come join us in the spring. I guarantee you will be blown away by what you learn (and your clients will too…).

Be sure to do something to take your mind off current events and have faith!

- Bear

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