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A Primer on Healing

May 23, 2024

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Practicing energy healing is endlessly fascinating. Western medicine treats a narrow aspect of health; I address a more complete picture. Some energy healers don’t work directly with the physical body, relying on the “trickle across effect” (learn more in my free masterclass.) I don’t call myself a spiritual healer because is that who you’d call for a broken leg? How I work and teach utilizes techniques specific to our many different aspects, because It’s all connected.

Along with addressing physical symptoms, I look at the energetic and spiritual patterns. Two people with the same illness often have different causes underneath the dis-ease process. People either aren’t aware of or ignore a troublesome issue, but once it shows up in the body it's a red flag!  It’s much easier to work with energetic patterns because they are less dense, and therefore more fluid and changeable. Our physical body is our densest energy body, but it's still malleable.

I’ve had people near the end of life come to me because they “don’t know what I do, but are willing to try anything”. They know nothing about energy healing and think there is a magic wand or some miracle that will either happen or not. I find it very sad. Fortunately you don’t have to know anything about energy healing for it to work; but you need to start exploring many approaches to healing as soon as you’re aware of a problem.

On the other hand, I had a client with a brain tumor who had gone through all the Western medical interventions - surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. The tumor had persisted. When he came to me, I said at that point I could help with quality-of-life issues, as he wanted to visit his children and their families over the next few months.

He and his wife made several trips - including camping! - that summer. While I didn’t promise anything, I did work on the tumor. At his next MRI the doctors were surprised to see it had shrunk! Gradually they took him off all his medications. Then it was suggested he have a needed heart surgery, as it appeared he was going to live for several more years! So, you never know…

I’ve had a few clients that died from serious diseases that were entrenched by the time I saw them. A healer supports the best health possible for an individual, and near the end less is possible. Even so, I’ve worked with clients up until they pass, addressing major life experiences and relationships. They leave with more completion than they otherwise would have. I can also help with a more peaceful transition, and make sure that they are accompanied by loved ones and/or guides.

Every session is unique, even with the same person. A client came with a physical issue, but it turned out she was pregnant. I was able to talk to the incoming soul, helping her understand the potential of the situation. If you’ve read some of my other blog series, you know past lives can come up, and I may be called to do an occasional ghost-busting! See my blog directory for more…. and stay tuned for this upcoming series on healing!

Peace, love and healing -


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