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A Crazy Scene

Feb 01, 2024

For each land energy story I’ve written about in this series, there are many more in my files. I want to share one that involves ALL the variables possible when working on a property. I was called to investigate a flat in an Edwardian building across the street from the “panhandle”. A long narrow park leading into San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, in the late 60’s great bands of the time - Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix - had played there early in their careers.

Adjacent to the Haight Ashbury neighborhood it was ground zero for sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. This was two decades later, but a lot of that history lives on to this day.

A family of four had lived in the flat for many years. A few years previously, the flat below them was bought for the owner’s adult children; since then it had been a major drug and alcohol scene. They talked with the owner and the police with no satisfactory response. A person had actually died in the flat due to a drug overdose - and still no action. Lately their teenage son had dropped out of school, and their daughter seemed to be getting involved with some unsavory friends.

The energy in their flat was extremely chaotic, influenced by the activities going on just beneath them. You can’t clear this kind of ongoing energy until you get to the source. Indeed the person who died there - a young woman - was still hanging around with her “friends” downstairs. She was not interested in moving on. Still a very lost soul, she was fearful of going anywhere else, including the afterlife realm.

The current occupant was also a young woman, but there was a revolving door of addicts coming and going all the time. With my intuitive sight I saw a stereotypical crash pad with mattresses on the floor, dirty dishes, food containers and drug paraphernalia. No soul dialog is possible with a person that is mostly “out” of their body. When people use drugs excessively they basically become an empty vessel for  entities to feed on. It's an "open house" for all kinds of energies. Thankfully this individual was not my client.

I then looked at the land energies under the building. Bingo!  I have mentioned that the energy in areas with high seismic activity are inherently unstable (but also engaging and stimulating!) The panhandle had two main, one way thoroughfares running along either side. This kind of traffic also creates rapid, constantly shifting energy.

This was one situation where I could see no happy resolution. I always call it like it is, no matter what people might want to hear. I suggested that the family sell the flat ASAP.

Now you might wonder, why you would pawn off such a nefarious situation onto an unsuspecting person? I didn’t worry about it because like attracts like, energetically. So anyone buying the flat would in some way - unconsciously of course - be attracted to that dynamic. My clients had lived in  the building long before this latest layer of activity.

Peace, love and healing -


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