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Stonehenge with winter solstice sunset

A Big Bang?

Dec 21, 2023

In 2023 there have been more super-powered astrological events than normal. Humankind is lurching toward a monumental shift. Will it be our extinction? Or possibly, “This is the Age of Aquarius”! The song*, from the rock opera “Hair” in 1967, foretold an era of “peace and love, harmony and understanding.” Astrologers have noted the position of the stars and planets are similar to the 1960’s and 70’s - times of immense growth in consciousness, cultural change and the accompanying chaos.

We officially entered the 200-year Aquarian Age in March with the passage of the vernal equinox through the sign of Aquarius. Immediately after there was an “eclipse window” - the 2 weeks between a new moon solar eclipse, and a full moon lunar eclipse. Eclipse windows in my experience always interject a certain impulsiveness and energy for big, unexpected changes and decisions. I felt all these cosmic happenings events more strongly than ever before.

Along with the astrological events, there has been increased solar flare activity and spikes in the Shuman resonance. On December 15th, the most powerful solar flare since 2017 happened. We will be blasted with another geomatic storm this weekend, making for amazing northern lights! It’s all part of the sun's eleven-year cycle, with solar activity peaking in 2024.

Schumann frequencies - the “earth’s atmospheric heartbeat” - are global electromagnetic waves, or resonances, that are thought to aid the brain in rapidly transmitting and increasing overall intelligence. Studies suggest that 7.83 Hz positively affects health and wellbeing. The last decade has seen increases in the frequency, often to 15-25 Hz. Since June these spikes are happening more regularly, and lasting longer, than have ever been seen before.

Is this all to support humanity shifting into a higher consciousness? Is it part of “ascension patterns” to shift our reality? Called “consciousness raising” in the 1960’s era, spiritual awareness is the one thing that will elevate our planet.

Back to this month and the celestial weather. We had a “Stargate Alignment” on 12/12 that activates our DNA to connect with higher frequencies. It's a time to meditate and do rituals to crystallize these energies into our reality. December 12th was also the day of a new moon in Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion.) The sun and moon were also in Jupiter, part of what's called a stellium. There’s more, but all this activity is somehow powered by Aries (ruled by Mars.)

The Stargate portal lasts until - yes, the winter solstice on December 21st! The Capricorn (Saturn) solstice is also about bringing energy into matter. On that day Jupiter is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius - for the first time in 800 years. Jupiter… Aquarius… all this makes my head spin (or maybe it's the solar flares.)

The solstice is a metaphor for the death and rebirth of the sun. Traditionally, humans have celebrated it with bonfires, lighting a yule log or somehow creating light in the face of the year's darkest day. Many stone monuments and megaliths were constructed to mark these celestial cycles. They connect us spiritually and physically to the life force of the earth. With so much happening right now, it’s comforting to be grounded while reaching for the stars!

Now is the time - our time - for revolution and evolution!

Peace, love and healing -

*Ironically, the band that made that song famous is the “5th Dimension”! It’s a mind-blowing prophecy - listen to it here.

PS. - I’d like to thank all the astrologers I follow for their wise interpretations of the current energies influencing us!

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