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5 Energy Types

What's Up with Your Energy Signature?

Dec 02, 2020

This pressure-cooker pandemic environment, where so much is happening, yet everything feels stalled, is testing our limits – and perhaps exposing some personal patterns that are not helpful.

Maybe these are behaviors you’ve noticed before, but chalked it up to personality, ingrained habits, and even childhood experiences. While these things do affect our behavior, the main reason we RESPOND the way we do to life is directly related to our Energy Signature. These responses become more extreme in times of stress.

Are you a Royal-Priest? Or perhaps a Warrior-Gardener? Maybe you have Lover in your Energy Signature…

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Now is a good time to look at some deeper patterns that keep us from being our best. Just managing this moment with more ease and grace would be welcome for most of us! Understanding what drives your behavior and attitudes from the perspective of Energy Signatures will help you be more effective in your well-intentioned activity.

Are you discouraged with your lack of discipline? Feeling resigned? Making excuses?  Experiencing counterproductive behavior or negative self-talk? Here’s a snapshot of some of the typical pitfalls of each energy type:
·      Priest – will start and stop, always optimistic about success but not getting any traction; procrastinating and avoiding what’s important

·      Lover – will give up the whole project as hopeless, and might feel quite emotional about it; needing extra attention from others

·      Gardener – tries and tries, but with competing priorities, frustration leads to debilitating guilt for not doing it all; leads to silent brooding

·      Warrior – exasperated, and loath to admit personal failure; becoming argumentative and controlling in their quest to persevere

·      Royal – in spite of relentless effort, they are disappointed, measuring themselves against the yardstick of perfection; getting more critical and demanding (of themselves and others)


The patterns that are found in our Energy Signature can interfere with our capacity for personal development. It’s the built-in operating system that is unconsciously driving our successes and failures. No wonder it’s so hard to affect meaningful change in our lives!

While there are challenges, there are also gifts with each type. Your Energy Signature will help you appreciate those gifts and the way you express them - and even foster a little more self-love in the process.

These are developmental patterns that arise in the first few years of life. Basic beliefs about the world are formed quickly in response to our environment and remain mostly unconscious. Time to bring awareness to the situation!
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- Bear

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