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Hi there,

Bear McKay here...

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... and I'd like to welcome you to the world of energy!

We’re all responding to energy, all the time. Once you become consciously aware of energy patterns and flow, you will see how these dynamics impact our relationships, communication style, boundaries, and even physical health.

I’ve been teaching and practicing energy healing and personal growth for over 15 years. Let me be your guide to understanding and working with energy – it’s easier than you think!

"I always knew I wanted to work at a deeper level, and Bear’s program offers solid training & techniques to do just that, all the while learning a whole lot about myself. Going through Bear’s program really helped change my perspective on life situations, how I interact with others and how I approach bodywork."

Patty Lisieski

"The foundations that I learned have been priceless. Not only for my personal growth, but also for my professional career as I learned all aspects and methods of energy healing, including the nuances of the business side."

Marissa Allen

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