Your Energy Signature

Learn how this can be the basis for improving ALL your relationships, at home and at work. You can communicate more effectively, and bring more compassion into all your interactions with this fascinating perspective.

Step into an awareness of energy dynamics and begin to see the shifts in your life – with your relationships, work productivity, communication effectiveness and more!

Yes, please!

The book will describe all your energy types in your Signature, and will get you started on identifying and interacting with others based on their energy types.

This will help you understand yourself and others in a way you’ve never seen before – with practices to change things for the better!

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Bear McKay

Founder and Director, The McKay Method® 

Bear McKay has been practicing and teaching about energy healing – and energy types – for over fifteen years. As the Founder and Director of The McKay Method School of Energy Healing®, she helps complimentary and integrative health professionals create practices that stand out for the depth and breadth of their work. And if you’re looking for a comprehensive training to become an energy healer, this is the program for you!

"I have been able to teach every single one of my students how to sense and eventually see energy, using this skill to do awesome healing. Developing your intuitive ability and grounding it in your life in practical ways is a crucial step to becoming a powerful healer. It will also create an amazing perspective on your own health and life!"