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Join in a 10 Day Preview of "Jumpstart Your Energy Healing Skills", an online course with Bear McKay, Director of The McKay Method® School of Energy Healing


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It’s your way into a fascinating new world. Let me show you how easy it is to get started online. You'll get the basic principles of energy awareness under your belt, and start practicing techniques right away.

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Are you sitting by yourself, trying to do exercises from a book with no personal feedback?

During the Preview you’ll be able to submit questions and comments to me, which I’ll respond to in the video Q&A sessions. I can tune in and “see” what’s going on energetically to give you personalized support and advice. At the end of each Module there are Reflection Questions you can refer to, but feel free to ask about anything!

 Bear McKay


Are you wondering if you are “gifted” enough to learn this?

No worries, you don’t have to be “special” to do this work. If you feel you are lacking the skills, confidence, or know-how to do energy healing, this training will get you started. If you already have a practice, you can immediately use these techniques with your clients. I have been able to help every one of my students sense energy and develop their healing skills.

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"What sets The McKay Method® apart is emphasis on the development of intuition and sensing abilities. These bring unique gifts and skills to the healing table."

CJ McDaneil
Are you taking piecemeal or one-off classes that don’t serve or stick with you - or just aren’t enough?

I’ve had students that took a short class to add to their “toolbox” - but it doesn’t really make a difference in the impact of their sessions. Maybe you have taken many mini-courses, but are looking for more. At every stage - even with the online course! - you will see a noticeable healing impact on those you work on (including yourself).


Are you sensing energy but don't know what it means, or what to do next?

I help my students learn how to sense and work with energy in very specific ways. If you can’t sense the energy movement and patterns in the body, how do you know what technique to do? And once you do it, what is the response in the physiology? Only when you can access that energetic information will you know what is appropriate to do next.

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"I've been an acupuncturist since 1999. Before Bear's training I was a very good healer, now I am an exceptional one. This program will change you deeply and allow your healing abilities to take off. Thank you so much Bear!"

Scott Blunk


Video talks, exercises, demonstrations and downloads are waiting for you in “Jumpstart”!


Here’s what we’ll cover:

Module One: Cultivate Your Sixth Sense

  • Prepare yourself to access energetic information.
  • Manipulate energy flow through your hands, and sense inside the body.

The first and most important healing you can do is for yourself. Prepare to heal others by learning the basics of grounding, meditation, and the Being state. Start noticing how your energy moves, and enhance your ability to receive intuitive and energetic information. 


Module Two: Working with Energy

  • Practice techniques to sense and clear the auric field.
  • Identify Blocks and Ins and release held areas in the body.

Having a context for what energy healing is, and how it works, gives a larger perspective on life, the nature of reality, and what true healing means! Start sensing energy hands-on to perform some basic energy techniques for working with muscular blockage and the auric field.


Module Three: Energy Flow in the Physiology

  • Balance the chakra system – yours and your clients.
  • Perform a full body, head to toe healing.

A healthy relationship with models and techniques is necessary for optimal functioning and flexibility as we do energy work. In this lesson we start hands-on work with the chakra system and study the various aspects of each chakra. The chakras are a key component in an energy healing format called “chelation”.

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"The process Bear has pioneered is grounded, comprehensive and practical. I've had immediate results, both personally and with my clients!"

Kathleen Joy
Founder, Executive and Master Coach at LumiereWork

Meet Bear

I’ve been an energy healer and teacher for more than 15 years, and am continually inspired by the power of this work. My gift as a teacher is that I take you from step A, to step B, and onward – and within a short time, you are doing amazing healing work!

The energy realms can be confusing, and it’s easy to get lost or distracted. With me as your guide, you’ll be able to easily navigate this landscape - and work productively with your new skills.

Bear McKay, Director

The McKay Method® School of Energy Healing


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