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The McKay Method® Practitioners
 All graduates are able to do distance work over the phone and have various session rates. Please contact them directly for more info about their services.

Bear McKay - Founder and Director of The McKay Method® School of Energy Healing
Bear supports clients to create better physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health. Additionally she can work with issues pertaining to land and buildings, and provides intuitive guidance for business and real estate.  Bear is  available for sessions with clients by phone. (more about Bear)



Vicki Wiepking - The McKay Method® Certified Practitioner
Vicki Wiepking graduated from The McKay Method® School of Energy Healing in 2008, and has a private healing practice.  Vicki integrates energy healing, personal process work, flower essences and essential oils in an accessible, practical way for her clients. She is available in Bozeman for sessions and also by phone or Skype. (more about Vicki)



Julie Bales - The McKay Method® Certified Practitioner

Julie is a graduate of The McKay Method® School and uses energy healing in her practice for paced, consistent work during a life-changing transition of for uncovering inner wisdom.  She works with clients who suffer from long-term or acute illness, and who have suffered injury or emotional trauma.  She finds energy work to be extremely beneficial before, during and after medical procedures and when other methods are ineffective.  Julie is available for appointments by phone.  (more about Julie)



Tamara Leach - The McKay Method® Certified Practitioner

Tamara graduated from The McKay Method® in 2008.  She combines her energy healing practice with over 15 years massage therapy experience to meet her client's needs on many levels.  She is available in person in Bozeman or for phone sessions. (more about Tamara)



Justine Gibb - The McKay Method® Certified Practitioner

A graduate of the class of 2012, Justine works with both people and animals offering complimentary, non-invasive healing for physical and emotional issues. Her practice provides a space that allows her clients to grow and heal towards their unique, peaceful hearts and souls.  She is available for in-person and barn calls out of her Redmond, OR office and is available for phone sessions as well.  (more about Justine)



Nyda Gilbertson - The McKay Method® Certified Practitioner

Nyda graduated from The McKay Method® in 2012, focusing on integrating energy healing and hospice care for her graduate work. Today, Nyda's practice combines energy healing with sound healing, using tuning forks and other vibrational tools to promote balance and wellbeing for her clients. She is available for sessions in her office or by phone.  (more about Nyda)




Beth Cochran - The McKay Method® Certified Practitioner

In addition to energy healing, Beth integrates fundamental CrainoSacral therapy and Feng Shui into her practice. Her professional background includes over 18 years in marketing and communications in the sporting goods industry, but her alter-ego has spent a life time intrigued by energy healing, as well as the work of Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Barbara Brennan some other unusual experiences along the way. Beth is available for phone consultations.  (more about Beth)



Patty Lisieski - The McKay Method® Certified Practitioner

Patty brings over 20 years of experience as a bodyworker and energy healer to the greater Salt Lake City area. A graduate from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in 1996, she has worked in both day spa and private practice settings. Patty has studied extensively with many teachers. Patty graduated from The McKay Method® School of Energy Healing in 2015. Patty is available for  consultations either by phone or in person. (more about Patty)



Gayle Callinan- The McKay Method® Certified Practitioner
After completing the 1000 hour program of Somatic and Asian Bodywork at Big Sky Somatic Institute in Helena, Montana in 2007, Gayle began her training to learn energy healing at The McKay Method® School of Energy Healing in Bozeman. She is currently available in Big Timber for an in-person session or by phone. (more about Gayle)



Mary Jane Eisenberg - The McKay Method® Certified Practitioner

After many years of dancing Mary Jane turned to energy healing when seeking relief from a substantial injury. She was "hooked" after the first session and continued her study of energy healing as well as college and law school. Mary Jane is available for student and non-student sessions, either in-person or over the phone. (more about Mary Jane)



Tracey Greenberg - The McKay Method® Certified Practitioner

Tracey supports soul seeking women & men just like herself to come more into alignment with their true nature in her practice, Kaivalya Life. In addition to study with The McKay Method®  School, she has studied Radiance Energy Healing with a Japanese energy healer while staying India. Tracey is available for in-person and distance healing sessions. (more about Tracey)



Phyllis Vandermolen - The McKay Method® Certified Practitioner

Through her 15 years as a massage therapist, Phyllis has been able to integrate different types of energy work into her practice. She is passionate about healthy food, caring for mother earth, and spiritual growth. Phyllis loves this work because it allows her to combine all her passions into one package. She is available for in-person sessions in Salt Lake City, and by phone. (more about Phyllis)


Carol J. McDaniel, - The McKay Method® Certified Practitioner

Carol has been trained and certified in many forms of Energy Healing and intuitive sensing, such as Healing Touch, Reiki and The McKay Method® Energy Healing. She has been working to improve the movement, health and quality of the lymphatics in the bodies of her clients, while applying medical intuitive skills since 2003. For more information please visit




Debbie Mikels - The McKay Method® Certified Practitioner

A love of working with both people and horses have propelled Debbie into Energy Healing. Her practice allows her to not only guide, but to also teach and show others the compelling beauty of nature and allow them to enhance their health and wellbeing. Debbie is available for student and non-student sessions, either in-person or over the phone.  (more about Debbie





Ruth Minnis - The McKay Method® Certified Practitioner

Ruth combines both massage therapy and energy healing in her work with clients. In her practice, Ruth addresses not only human physiology but unique energy patterns that develop over a lifetime.  Ruth is available for student and non-student sessions,  over the phone.  (more about Ruth)




Ronda Meyer - The McKay Method® Graduate Practitioner

A passion to assist others who desire to reduce stress and create a healthy balance in their life has driven Ronda to establish her practice as a foot zone therapist. She weaves energy healing into her practice to offer her clients specialized sessions. Ronda is available for student and non-student sessions over the phone.  (more about Ronda)





Molly Burton - The McKay Method® Graduate Practitioner

A native Oregonian, Molly combines over 29 years of massage therapy experience with energy healing in a nurturing, personalized practice. Previous to working with clients, she was a middle school English teacher and still loves writing. Molly is available for sessions at   (more about Molly)


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